How to Write an Event Planning Mission Statement: The Ultimate Guide

How to Write an Event Planning Do you really need a mission statement for event planning? Forbes claims that the majority of businesses do not need one. Except if you want to be a great leader, of course.

With this seeming-simple practise, you can start acting as a leader for your customers, your event planning team, and even your event planning community. Your goal, whether it be in the workplace or just in life, will be defined and communicated by creating an event planning mission statement. You may be able to advance to the next stage of your career with its aid

How to Write an Event Planning Mission Statement
How to Write an Event Planning Mission Statement

Discover what an event planning mission statement is by reading on. Then, look at some superb real-world instances that might serve as models for your own.

What does a mission statement for event planning mean?

An event planning mission statement is a succinct, written description of your or your organization’s goals and core principles. These mission statements vary significantly from conventional business ones. For instance, a mission statement from an event planning firm is probably far narrower than Coca- Cola’s, which reads, “To inspire moments of optimism and enjoyment… To generate value and make a difference.”

What should a mission statement for event planning contain?

Every person or organization’s event planning mission statement will be distinct, but at its core, it should contain the following: Your own tone of voice, a message customised to your particular audience, and what sets your services apart from the competition.


Tone, in the words of the Grammarly team, is “the attitude your writing utilises.” More about who you are may be conveyed discreetly via your tone, attitude, and true voice than through the words you use. Others may tell if they will get along with you or not by noticing things like your formal or business tone or a corny joke.


Your mission statement’s real content should be true to you and appeal to the people you actually reach. Your message might be as straightforward as generating unforgettable events or as intimate as supporting your very own community, as seen in a few instances below


Both your unique selling proposition and the experience of working with you are included in this area.

Your eagerness to learn and develop your profession by going above and beyond for your very first customer, or your willingness to provide a complete team with food, event design, and other services, are all examples of unique selling factors. Don’t forget to communicate expectations for working with you, however. Put a bit of your color-coding prowess or improvisational wizardry into your goal statement

Why is it crucial to have a mission statement for event planning

It’s significant since it serves as a beacon for your objectives, course of action, and occurrences. It extends beyond the About page of your website. It serves as a proclamation of your identity as an event planner and the core values of your company.

You could certainly omit this step. Many individuals employ event planners without first reviewing their goal statement. But rather, why not use this once-in-a-lifetime chance to summarise it for prospective customers? It may connect with individuals on a level deeper than a CV or list of testimonials, in addition to being memorable.

Mission statements for event planning in the real world examples

The most effective mission statements for event planning, in Nirjary Desai’s opinion, are those that are genuine.

Desai basically advises writing a mission statement that captures who you are and how your own essence benefits customers in novel ways. Avoid just writing what you believe readers want to read. Write what you believe is accurate.

If you haven’t read many mission statements, it might be difficult to know what to write about. Experienced event planners have been increasing their clientele by using examples like the ones below, even though there isn’t a set industry standard for what to say and how to say it.

Professionals in the field of event planning that we talked with kindly provided samples of their actual mission statements for this article. What they are and why we adore them are described here.

Every moment is special, experiences should be memorable, and when you enter a room, your style should be distinctive and unforgettable. Events for Desai, KIS (cubed)

It’s crucial that your mission statement accurately captures who you are, as Desai already said. At first, that work could seem overwhelming, but then you’ll encounter instances like this one. The mission statement of Desai is noteworthy in two ways:

Her outlook is obvious. Desai focuses the focus on her customers and what they are actually looking for: unique, unforgettable, and very intimate experiences. Desai’s goal statement makes it obvious that each event will be memorable, regardless of the genre. That’s what we all hope for when working with an event planner, isn’t it?

The choice of formatting is original. Here, capitalization is deliberate and fascinating. Make sure to throw in strong, bold formatting decisions like these wherever you can if they suit your personality. Including a few emojis in a mission statement is yet another fantastic way to make it fun to read.

We want you and your employees to enjoy what you do. We think that the finest teams are made up of amazing people, and that by working as a team, we can really reorient the world. To ensure that your team can perform to its fullest potential, we are obsessed with creating solid teams. Teambuilding, Michael Alexi

The CEO of TeamBuilding, a firm that organises team-building activities for companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Netflix, Chipotle, and many more, is Michael Alexis. Alexis was asked about his goal statement and the rationale for Social Tables’ selection.

As event planners, we felt that we could make a real influence by choosing this goal, explains Alexis. Although we can’t treat COVID, we can help the team that does. Although we are unable to develop Mars-bound rockets, we can help the team that does. Although we are unable to address the environmental catastrophe, we can certainly support the team that does.

Here’s what strikes us as notable about this illustration:

It is client-centered. The demands of their target market—Corporate events—are well captured in their mission statement. Every dollar matters when companies are seeking to spend in team-building events. This kind of remark will truly go to the heart of why they are making the first investment.

Working with them has apparent advantages. The greatest aspirations and ambitions any organisation may have when employing an event planner include having strong teams, realising potential, and enjoying what you do. This mission statement truly hits the mark in that regard. They go right to the point in an engaging manner, admitting what they can and cannot accomplish while also being open-minded about the ways they may provide assistance.

Our goal is to make the hospitality, meetings, and events industries really equal and inclusive, as opposed to preserving the existing quo, which is not ideal for everyone. Ryan Kroening, Lady K’s Events

Events by Lady K, an LGBTQ-owned benefit company with headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was founded and is run by Ryan Kroening. According to Kroening, we collaborate with clients to design events that make everyone who attends feel welcome, honoured, and involved!

Kroening advised people writing their own mission statements in an email to Social Tables, “Think about what drives you at the heart of your business. The motivation? The motivation? The fervour? The originality? The goal is greater than oneself?

Events by Lady K’s responses to all of the aforementioned questions are clearly outlined in Kroening’s mission statement.

The following are some of the mission statement’s notable components:

a powerful vision. The event planning creativity of Events by Lady K makes it apparent how they want to change the world. These kinds of sincere words make it simpler than most others to relate to them deeply. With only one line, the brand establishes itself as a pioneer in this field.

a cause worthy of combat. In this compelling mission statement, equity and inclusiveness are more than simply fashionable buzzwords. It is extremely commendable that you are using your inherent talents and skills to tackle the challenges facing the whole globe. In order to attract your ideal clientele and start changing the world more quickly, be clear about the cause you support in your mission statement.

If you’re still unsure about the quality of your mission statement draught, Kroening provides the following further advice: It may be improved by running it by some friends, a mentor, or coworkers for feedback. Utilize everything, and be who you are!

What are some mission statements’ alternatives?

Recently, Social Tables conducted an email conversation with Madeline Raithel of Entire Productions to learn more about her comany’s decision to forgo a mission statement.We don’t have a goal statement; instead, we have a collection of core principles that are the best qualities of each member of our team, says Raithel. To effect the impact that your organisation creates, it’s crucial to have a mission statement or set of fundamental principles. Customers will understand that you recognise an event’s potential for significant change if your mission statement or values are prominently displayed since the new generation of businesses places a strong emphasis on effect above profit.

Additionally, fundamental values and mission statements have a lot in common. Here are some further justifications for having fundamental values, as Raithel notes:

  • Our culture is defined by them. The tone of our organisation will be determined by our basic principles.
  • They influence how we do business. It makes us more productive and provides us with a benchmark to live up to.
  • They attract like-minded individuals to our company.
  • They set the standards for employee evaluation, recognition, and reward.
  • Core values provide us with a quantifiable benchmark and make it simpler to express gratitude and praise to the team.

At the end of the day, both strategies aid in prospective customers understanding you and your business. Choose the example that most resonates with you, then create your own by using the guidelines we’ve provided above

Boost your marketing for event planners right now!

You’re prepared to prepare the remainder of your marketing materials now that you understand the components of a strong mission statement for event planning and why having one is so crucial. Check to determine whether your resume stands out by reading everything about the essentials for an event planning resume. Or you may use some lovely examples as inspiration to liven up your event planner website design.

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