How Two Event Creators Celebrate Culture During Hispanic Heritage Month

Every September, in the middle of the month, Hispanic Heritage Month begins, providing an opportunity for people all around the nation to enjoy and learn about Hispanic culture. Two Latinx event organisers who use Eventbrite year-round to foster community and host motivational events were the subject of our interview. Continue reading for tips on how to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with your neighbourhood and organise activities that have an impact.

How Two Event Creators Celebrate Culture During Hispanic Heritage Month
How Two Event Creators Celebrate Culture During Hispanic Heritage Month

What makes Butter Roll a delightful method to honour culture?

Butter Roll began as a vintage skateboard music and picture Instagram feed in 2015. Since then, it has developed into a skate brand and social company with a skate and record shop in Queens that is situated in New York. It’s also a way for entrepreneur Amy Collado to honour her Dominican background, whose love of roller skating was inspired by her mother’s childhood skating memories.

Even as Butter Roll’s fan base expanded, Collado was focused on more than simply ticket sales. She started using her brand to highlight societal concerns throughout the epidemic. Don’t produce something because it’s popular; do it because it’s a part of you, she advises other artists.

Collado has achieved this by building a location that honours culture and tradition. For her celebrations of Puerto Rican Day, she engaged regional DJs, who played everything from oldies to contemporary island music. They “spun everything that makes New York, well… New York,” as she put it.

Collado’s company revolves on music. See the playlist she put up for a pair of skates she sells at The Shop by Butter Roll & High Water Music below. Play more of Butter Roll’s playlists and mixes if that’s how you’re feeling.

She prefers to allow a feeling of cultural connection arise spontaneously, even if her identities as a Brooklynite and a Black Dominican influence each event. People want experiences, some of which they have either not yet experienced or which they long to have. Take it from there, starting with what you consider to be unique, significant, deserving, or missing.

Collado’s primary concern is for her community, despite the fact that the expansion and success of her activities continue to astound her. If it doesn’t make you happy, do it for the people who you know it will.

How music fosters community in Sazon Libre

“Just an idea to organise a few parties where [we] could raise some money for a local non-profit and have a nice time,” said Diego Herrera, a resident of the Bay Area, who co-founded Sazon Libre with Christian Ciscle, Miguel Gonzales, and Carlo Solis. After the initial music event, they got a tonne of excellent feedback, and plenty of people wanted to know when the next one was going to be. Through word-of-mouth, Sazon Libre’s event schedule soon expanded way beyond what Herrera had anticipated; they held an increasing number of gatherings and events and invited different genres of performers to their stage.

Herrera emphasises diversity when it comes to honouring culture. He informs us that there are many different definitions of what it means to be “Hispanic.” “It’s a rather monolithic [word] that can’t really capture the tapestry of individuals who are meant to be included,” the author said. Instead, Sazon Libre aims to “celebrate our history — whatever we personally want to refer to it — by intentionally incorporating individuals from all various cultures in our events and expressing that in our musical preferences. By highlighting the distinctive genesis of the sounds and its Hispanic cultures, we want to musically pull down the wall.

The BIPOC artists who have had an effect on contemporary music, he continues, must be recognised. In a time of stark cultural difference, we want to do all in our power to unite our communities and have a good influence on our viewers.

Herrera attributes Sazon Libre’s success to the members who make it up. We at Sazon Libre come from a wide range of geographical locations, cultural backgrounds, and age ranges, and I believe that diversity provides us a unique perspective on how to connect with our audience. He urges other artists to include diverse voices and identities in their work. “At the end of the day, the best tale you can tell is the one that is true to who you are. People want to connect with others online who are being true to themselves in this age of social media.

How the two organisers used Event to spread the news

Maintaining organisation and communicating with followers becomes more crucial when you attract a huge crowd to your events. Collado views Eventbrite as a means of increasing her audience. I adore expanding my audience, and the Eventbrite platform is a fantastic tool for that, the author claims. She further utilises it to keep track of anticipated attendance, communicate event changes, and send personalised letters of gratitude to everyone who attended the celebration.

In the meanwhile, Herrera has found Eventbrite Boost to be especially helpful as Sazon Libre has expanded. It has been a terrific tool for us to target and engage not just neighbouring and prospective consumers, but also our core audience again. He utilises the platform to inform followers about upcoming events and to learn more about the brand’s marketing strengths and limitations.

Plan your Hispanic heritage event now.

In conclusion, holding activities in honour of Hispanic Heritage Month is a wonderful opportunity to highlight the individuals and experiences in your neighbourhood. Or, in the words of Collado, “Reaching such a large audience to celebrate and preserve Hispanic heritage is a terrific way to respect our ancestors.”

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