Let’s discuss the hybrid event budget, one of the most hated topics in the events sector. Hybrid events, which include live and online components, are difficult to plan for on a fixed budget. Although hybrid events are more costly than traditional face-to-face gatherings, there are several methods in which event organisers may save costs and increase return on investment.

A fresh rallying cry

Determine your hybrid event budget based on who you’re expecting and what you want to accomplish. Do you usually have people show up in person or do you mostly deal with an online audience? Why do people come to your events? Is it for the information, the connections, or the new ideas? Identify the event’s measurable KPIs and allocate the bulk of your funds to achieving those objectives. In layman’s terms: list your requirements and your preferences.

It is hard to provide event planners with a universal estimate of the cost of hybrid events, but we can split it down into digestible chunks by looking at a few key factors. Even more so, many in-house event marketers and planners look for collaborations with event management businesses to assist them in the event planning process and develop a solid event strategy.

Budgets for Mixed-Form Event Types — How Much?

Planners often wonder whether they need to allocate twice the funds for a hybrid event since it might be segmented into in-person and online components. After all, they’ll need to pay for a virtual event platform, staff the event with additional people, and find methods to interest two distinct groups of people while simultaneously facilitating communication between them.

The budget for the hybrid event will not be twice as high as the budget for a conventional event since virtual events are often less expensive to create than in-person events. If you’re planning a hybrid event, though, you should set aside 1.5 times as much money. Do not forget that there are several methods to save costs on a combined event budget.

In the end, it is hard to provide a precise estimate of how much money you should allocate to your hybrid event. After all, hybrid events come in many forms, such as hub-and-spoke events, synchronous hybrid events, and asynchronous hybrid events. Calling potential suppliers and putting up a request for proposal (RFP) is the easiest approach to acquire a ballpark figure for your event’s budget. You may also contract the services of an event management firm to find all the necessary resources and advise you on how to make the event a financial success.

budget for a mixed-type eventPrimary Budget Items for a Hybrid-Type Event

Budgets for events of all kinds are often constructed using spreadsheets with two crucial columns: expected expenses and actual costs. Always make sure it’s up to date. You should save up some money in case anything unexpected happens. Hybrid occurrences are much more unexpected than regular ones.

The primary costs associated with a hybrid event are as follows:

First, choose a suitable location; as we discuss in our 2022 Event Trends Guide, physical meeting places need not be huge convention centres. Find an alternative location to the standard hotel ballroom.

However, before committing to a location, you should research the internet charges and COVID compliance methods. Do not forget to include these in your proposal. Assure that you are free to use any production company you choose and to do away with any AV limits that may exist inside your own facility.

One way to keep costs down while still having a memorable in-person event is to keep things as basic as possible. The cost of the event crew might also be reduced when a smaller space is used. Finally, plan ahead and reserve your spot.

Second, Food and Beverage/Catering

Many of us who work in event planning have had to reevaluate our approaches to food and drink since the outbreak. A COVID-compliant event cannot include a buffet, but there are alternative options for catering to participants’ hunger, such as providing them with takeout boxes or sending them to a nearby restaurant.

If you want to save money, consider not providing lunch for your guests or allowing them to leave the venue. As a result, they will be able to taste the local cuisine and have a more authentic and thrilling adventure.

3. The Event Technology Platform & Other Event Tools

We may think of event platforms as our virtual venues, therefore they take up a significant chunk of the money for hybrid events. The cost of an event platform might vary widely, from two thousand dollars to several hundred thousand. Whether your event is physical or digital, you’ll need a platform that can accommodate it. This includes features like registration, gamification, a streaming player, continuing education monitoring, and more.

Audiovisual and Production Services

The more effort you put into producing high-quality hybrid events, the more interested your digital viewers will be. We advise employing three cameras and placing heavy emphasis on the quality of your live broadcast to guarantee they do not feel like second-class citizens. To the online audience, hybrid events should seem like studio chats. Plan for post-production costs if you want to utilise video footage for advertising.

Tip for saving money on production and room costs: concentrate material into as few spaces as feasible.

More event personnel is needed for a hybrid event than for a traditional one. Both a virtual and a physical event crew are required for a successful event. Both groups, however, must keep in mind that they are part of a larger whole and avoid working in isolation at all times. The cost of hiring more people and compensating them for overtime rises dramatically if you’re planning a worldwide hybrid event.

The following would make for a fantastic hybrid event:

Having a video editing crew on hand to create material on the go for the live feed,
There will be a video production studio available so that in the time between classes,
A two-way radio linking the on-site AV and production crew with the remote planning staff,
In the case that the virtual guests are being disregarded, a local team member should step in on their behalf (someone who can remind speakers to look at the camera, and that there is audience chat you want them to acknowledge),
A group whose job it is to keep an eye on everything online and interact with the virtual public,
All content rooms, not just general sessions, will have live streaming setups.
Staff members specialising in cybersecurity and social media engagement with users and communities.
One cost-cutting suggestion for hybrid events is that personnel may not necessarily have to cost more. If the number of attendees at your in-person event is low enough, you may cut down significantly on staffing costs.

Marketing for Events, Number Six

Depending on the scope of the event and the desired level of brand awareness, your event marketing budget will vary in size. Even while email marketing is still the most efficient method, you may also use paid ads, social media advertising, and other channels if you allocate some of your money to them.

Creating a community for events and engaging in community marketing is a growing trend in the business. Local advertising of your hybrid event is completely free. Additionally, you may ask your target market about their priorities so that you can allocate resources effectively.

As a cost-effective measure, consider hosting your community on the same platform as your hybrid and virtual gatherings.

Presenters and Hosts 7

Speakers and emcees, like all other event professionals, may cost anywhere from $500 up to $100,000, depending on who is booked. It’s important to remember that hybrid events often need two emcees, one for the virtual material and one for the live portion of the event.

One money-saving suggestion for hybrid events is that less is more. Do not schedule more speakers than are required to provide a high-quality event. Save money by giving event-goers more breathing room to socialise and make connections.

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