International Dog Day – 20 Facts about dogs, founder, celebrations Now

Today is International Dog Day, which will be observed all across the world. While there are numerous reasons to honour these four-legged pals, let us recollect the event’s history, facts, and significance.

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Every year on August 26th, International Dog Day commemorates the significance of dogs to our daily lives. While individuals may despise or like dogs, no one can dispute their presence or usefulness to humanity.

A dog is regarded as man’s best companion. There are several statements, facts, and tales about dogs that you may be familiar with. Here are some astounding facts, history, and ways it is honoured across the world.

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International Dog Day - 20 Facts about dogs, founder, celebrations Now
International Dog Day – 20 Facts about dogs, founder, celebrations Now

20 Dog Facts on International Dog Day

Apart from being man’s greatest friend, this four-legged noble creature is endowed with a plethora of remarkable qualities. Here are some interesting canine facts that everyone should know.

Dogs can detect disease, storms, and other natural disasters.

Many polls show that many pet owners notice their pets acting strangely before an earthquake or hurricane. They get hostile, begin sobbing, or seek refuge in a secure location. This is also known as the dog’s sixth sense.

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Tail wagging might indicate affection, fear, hostility, or insecurity.

Let’s dispel the myth that dogs wag their tails when they’re pleased. Dogs wag their tails to the left when they are fearful and to the right when they are joyful, according to Discovery. When they are insecure, they wag their tail low. When a dog is hostile, he or she may wag his or her tail frequently.

Every dog’s nose is different.

Biometrics in dogs are analogous to biometrics in humans. Each dog’s nose has its own pattern of creases and bumps. As a result, a dog’s nose can be a valuable identification.

They have excellent hearing abilities.

Dogs can detect vibrations that humans can not grasp. They have precisely positioned ears, which allows them to pick up on more noises. They are also said to bend their heads to listen for the source of a sound.

Dogs are wiser than children.

A dog is wiser than a two-year-old child, according to Professor Stanley Coren. A dog’s brain can understand more than 150 words, deceive humans, and control other canines. Their intellect, however, is determined by their breed.

Border collies are the most intelligent dog breed.

A Border Collie is a dog breed from the United Kingdom that is used for livestock and herding. These medium-sized pets originated in the British Isles and are most commonly seen in the Anglo-Scottish Border.

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Dogs do have dreams.

Have you ever seen your dog or any dog squirming in their sleep? This is due to the dream phenomena. According to research, dogs have comparable sleeping habits and brain activity to humans, and they dream like us.

Dogs have a less developed sense of taste and one-sixth fewer taste buds than humans. Dog Day

You read that correctly. Dogs have six times fewer taste buds than humans. A human tongue contains 9000 taste buds, but dogs only have 1700.

It might be the reason why dogs are less picky about food than people are.

The form of a dog’s face determines how long they live.

The form of a dog’s face dictates how long it will live. While the average life span of a dog is 11-13 years, a larger face suggests a higher life span.

Scent sensors in dogs are 40 times greater than those in humans.

It is a well-known truth that dogs are better at sniffing things than humans. With over 100 million smell sensors, they are the most effective animal for examining crime scenes, sniffing out narcotics, explosives, dead corpses, and anything else Facts about dogs .

Dog breath is quite harmful.

If your dog has foul breath for an extended period of time, it is an indicator of health concerns, particularly dental illness. As a result, it is important to get pets evaluated on a regular basis.

Jealousy affects dogs.

Dogs, like people, feel jealous, whether they got it from humans or not. It may not be as blatant as human envy, but they become envious when the owners fail to pay attention to them.

Dogs do not have colorblindness.

Canines do have difficulty distinguishing between specific hues of red and green because they look as browns and greys. However, dogs being colorblind is a widespread misconception that has been shown to be inaccurate. Though “partially colorblind” could be a better word.

The yawn of a dog differs from that of a person.

A dog’s yawning indicates that he is anxious. It is widely assumed that yawning indicates drowsiness. The dog’s yawning is more indicative of anxiety .

Dogs sleep in a circular pattern.

Have you ever wondered why dogs sleep in a circular pattern or bend their backs in such a way? It is due to their survival urge to defend themselves against predator assaults. Dog Day

Petting your dog can assist in lowering your blood pressure.

Petting a dog can lower your blood pressure by 10%. It may also happen to pets. Petting them lessens their nervousness and helps to keep our blood pressure in check.

Dogs become hotter quicker.

Dogs, unlike humans, have a greater core body temperature of roughly 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why they may dislike summers or hot weather. You should never walk your dog on a hot day as a pet owner.

The lifespan of a dog varies according on breed.

Dogs are classified into breeds. And there is no simple method for determining their age. The life phases of dogs vary according on breed, habitat, and lifestyle. People define ages using the formula of one human year to seven dog years.

Dog licking isn’t what we believe it is.

When puppies are born, they kiss their moms’ faces. This is their inclination to show their hunger. As a result, when a dog licks your face, it may be hungry.

Obesity is a big issue for dogs.

Dogs, like people, are expressive, but they are also obese. This is due to sedentary lifestyles, excessive consumption, and a lack of physical activity. As a result, cats are typically speedier than dogs.

Who established International Dog Day?

Collen Paige, an author, dog trainer, and naturalist, launched this campaign in 2004 to promote animal welfare and the pet lifestyle.

Paige’s family got Shelti dog Day when she was 10 years old, hence August 26 was designated as International Dog Day.

How is International Dog Day observed?

International Dog Day is dedicated to commemorating human compassion and affection for dogs all around the world. While dogs may not be treated nicely in India, the United States of America happily observes it.

It was approved and recognised as a national holiday in 2013. Later, other countries began publicly commemorating it by feeding, housing, and grooming dogs. Facts about dogs


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