Lake Nona Orlando VegFest

[Feb 25]  The address of the venue is Lake Nona Performance Club 6775 Chopra Terrace in Orlando, Florida, 32827, USA.

Lake Nona Orlando VegFest Plant-based + Wellness Festival with free yoga and fitness courses and other activities

Lake Nona Orlando VegFest
Lake Nona Orlando VegFest

About this Event Lake Nona Orlando VegFest

Mobile eTicket for 6 hours

There will be more than 60 vegan vendors at this entirely vegan event, including local establishments and notable out-of-town visitors. Live music, lecturers, dancing lessons, yoga courses, and other entertainment are all available at no cost.

Everyone is invited to attend this event, which is family and pet friendly. Refund Procedure

Send a refund request to the event’s organiser.

The charge for Eventbrite is not refundable.

Is it necessary  .

to be over the age of 21 to attend?

Yes, all IDs will be examined at the gate, no exceptions. If you are under the age of 21, please do not purchase a ticket.

Are children permitted to attend the event?

There are no children. Call the babysitter ahead of time!

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