Memphis Chicken And Beer Festival 2023

[Aug 12] Location : Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium 335 South Hollywood Street Memphis, TN 38104 United States

Memphis Chicken And Beer Festival 2023 A beer festival with a chicken twist!

Memphis Chicken And Beer Festival 2023
Memphis Chicken And Beer Festival 2023v

About this event Memphis Chicken And Beer Festival 2023

The 5th Annual Memphis Chicken & Beer Festival will be held with us. The event will run from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. on August 12, 2023, on the field of the Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium in Memphis, Tennessee. Live music will be played for enjoyment. A commemorative tasting glass, access to the event, over 90 beverage samples, and a percentage of the proceeds help Merge Memephis are all included in the $40+tax ticket price. It will be possible to buy food.

Every year, the Memphis Chicken & Beer Festival celebrates two cherished foods: chicken and beer. This event, which takes place in the vivacious city of Memphis, Tennessee, draws together beer aficionados, foodies, and fans of live music for a day of indulgence and enjoyment. Memphis is the ideal location for this gastronomy festival due to its rich history and reputation for delectable flavours.

The event highlights the delectable and varied world of chicken dishes, from classic Southern fried chicken to cutting-edge and original delicacies. A variety of chicken delicacies are offered, appealing to all tastes and preferences, via a collaboration between chefs, local eateries, and food trucks. The event offers a variety of foods to suit every taste, whether you enjoy smoky buffalo wings, soft grilled chicken, or luscious barbecued drumsticks.

There is a large range of craft beers from local and regional brewers to go with the delicious chicken meals. Attendees may sample a variety of flavours and kinds, from smooth stouts to hoppy IPAs, finding new favourites and sipping refreshing beverages. The festival is also educational since beer specialists are often present to inform attendees about the brewing process, various beer variations, and food combination ideas.

The Memphis Chicken & Beer Festival offers a colourful and exciting ambiance in addition to tantalising the taste sensations. A lively atmosphere is created when local bands and performers take the stage, enhancing the celebratory mood. With their friends and loved ones, attendees may dance the night away while grooving to the music and taking in live acts.

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The event often offers a variety of entertainment alternatives to keep visitors entertained throughout the day in addition to the food, drink, and music. Participants may acquire new skills, show off their abilities, and win interesting prizes via events like culinary demos, beer tastings, and competitions, which offer an interactive aspect. By offering a marketplace where visitors may explore and buy distinctive crafts, food items, and goods, the festival also helps neighbourhood businesses and craftsmen.

A broad range of people attend the Memphis Chicken & Beer Festival, including both residents and tourists from all over the world. Thousands of people visit it every year since it has grown to be a widely anticipated event in the area. Food and beer lovers get the chance to connect, share passions, and celebrate Memphis’ thriving culinary industry during the event.

The festival’s planners place a high priority on providing a welcoming atmosphere for all visitors. To put in place the appropriate security measures, crowd management techniques, and cleanliness regulations, they collaborate closely with local authorities. Everybody may enjoy the events without feeling cramped since the festival grounds are designed to easily hold huge people.

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In conclusion, the Memphis Chicken & Beer Festival celebrates two pleasures that are popular in Memphis: chicken and beer. The festival delivers a wonderful experience for everyone who attends with its tantalising culinary selections, wide beer variety, live music performances, and interesting activities. The Memphis Chicken & Beer Festival is a must-attend event whether you’re a gourmet, a beer fan, or just seeking for a fun day out.

Generally Accepted Tickets: Entry to the event, a keepsake tasting glass, ALL beverage samples, and a donation to Merge Memphis are all included. It will be possible to buy food. MUST BE OVER 21.

Tickets for designated drivers include entry into the event and a free water bottle. Anyone wearing a bracelet designating them as a designated driver will not be provided alcohol. It will be possible to buy food. MUST BE OVER 21.

If not sold out, tickets will be available at the gate or online. It is a 21+ event.

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