Mississippi Soul Food Festival

[August 13] Location:Kandy Factory 1203 N Jackson st Crystal Springs, MS 39059 United States

The best soul food in the south is coming to Mississippi!

Mississippi Soul Food Festival
Mississippi Soul Food Festival

About this  Mississippi Soul Food Festival


Come and sample cuisine from more than 30 different restaurants across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Alabama, Tennessee, and Arkansas. Pork chops, oxtails, candied yams, greens, fried chicken, seafood, barbecue, funnel cake, turkey legs, tacos, vegan and keto options are all offered at the Mississippi Soul Food Fest. Other small-business vendors will sell a variety of goods, such as apparel, accessories, jewellery, bath & body products, men’s clothing, health products, and much more.

Outside food and beverages are not allowed!

What is the event’s address?

Crystal Springs, Mississippi: 1203 N Jackson St., Kandy Factory Events Centre

Is this event taking place outside or indoors?

It is both indoors and outdoors for this event.

How can I get in touch with the organiser?

Call 832-461-6729 if you have any queries.

My pet may I bring?

Yes, if they’re restrained or held by a leash.

Is my printed ticket required to be brought to the event?

You may either bring a printed ticket or a ticket that can be scanned from a phone while standing in queue with proper, current identification.

Do vegan food sellers exist?

Undoubtedly, we already have a good number of vegan soul food cooks signed up.

What are the return guidelines?

There is no refund for tickets.

What Time Is Ideal for Arrival?

Doors open at 12 o’clock. Arrive early for less crowds and shorter waits.

Can I participate in this event as a vendor and sell my goods?

Yes, I am a licenced merchant. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

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