Orthodox Christmas Event 2023

[ Saturday, 7 January 2023 ] location : United States

Orthodox Christians in the United States observe Christmas on January 7, a day later than the rest of the world.

Orthodox Christmas

About this Orthodox Christmas Event

In the Julian Calendar, which existed before to the Gregorian Calendar, this day falls on December 25. Orthodox Christmas also commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s son. This festival varies from Christmas Day in that it does not follow Pagan traditions such as waiting for gifts from Santa Claus or decorating a tree, instead focusing on religious activities.

Because Orthodox Christmas is not a federal holiday in the United States, businesses and schools will be open as normal.

History of Orthodox Christmas  Event

While Orthodox Christmas is more generally celebrated in Eastern European nations, Orthodox Christian Russian, Ukrainian, and Serbian populations in the United States also wait until January 7 to celebrate their Christmas. On January 7, the Greek Orthodox Church does not celebrate Christmas.

The Orthodox Church observes the historic Julian calendar, which includes the original dates for Christian holidays before the Gregorian calendar was established, hence Christmas happens on a different day. This implies that Orthodox churches continue to celebrate Christmas on December 25.

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