Parents’ Day Event in the United States

On Parents’ Day, parental figures in the United States are honored for the part they play in the lives of their children. The day strives to encourage good parenting and highlight excellent examples of parents. It honors the unique loving relationships that exist between parents and their kids.

Parents' Day in the United States
Parents’ Day in the United States

When Is Parents’ Day 2022?

Sun, Jul 23, 2023

Does Parents’ Day fall on a holiday?

It’s not a federal holiday on Parents’ Day. The event takes place on Sunday, July 24, 2022, and most companies in the US operate as usual on that day.

The United States celebrates Parents’ Day to honor good parenting in families.

What Carry Out People?

Every year on the fourth Sunday in July, Parents’ Day is observed. In order to honor, elevate, and promote the role of parents in raising their children, citizens, organizations, and federal, state, and local governmental and legislative institutions are urged to observe Parents’ Day via proclamations, events, and educational initiatives.

Through a variety of events and activities, the Parents’ Day Council actively promotes and helps celebrate Parents’ Day. The council, for instance, recognizes “Parents of the Year” on a local, state, and federal level. People who epitomize the standard and ideal of good parenting have been nominated or chosen. The “National Parents of the Year” award is given to deserving parents from each state.

People often send cards and presents, such as flowers, cakes, and food baskets, on Parents’ Day to individuals who have been a good role model for them as parents. Families often gather together around this time for lunch or supper. Local announcements, church services, or neighborhood gatherings may pay special homage to parents who are regarded as role models. Proclamations and demonstrations for Parents’ Day have recently taken place, including participation from groups like the United Civil Rights Councils of America.

Public Life Parents’ Day is a national holiday in other countries, although it is not celebrated there.


The notion that parenting is crucial for human growth and that it takes effort, concentration, and dedication is promoted by Parents’ Day. In order to designate the fourth Sunday of July each year as Parents’ Day, the US Congress passed a resolution in 1994, which President Bill Clinton then signed into law. Similar to Father’s Day and Mother’s Day is this day. The National Parents’ Day Council website quotes the Congressional Resolution as saying that the purpose of Parents’ Day is to “recognize, elevate, and promote the role of parents in the raising of children.”


To promote Parents’ Day, pictures, posters, paintings, stickers, and drawings often feature parents and children participating in active learning activities. Promotional materials for the day also use floral imagery. Through these photos, organizations want to convey the ideas that commitment is a fundamental family value, parental duties are crucial for children’s growth and development, and that a solid link between parents and their children requires unconditional love. Parents might be biological, adoptive, or stepparents.

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