Raleigh’s International Food Festival-FREE Admission

[Date  June 3]Location:City Plaza 443 Fayetteville Street Raleigh, NC 27601 United States

Eat Everything, Everywhere, All at once! Food, Desserts, Beer, Wine & Performances from over 50 countries only at The International Festival

 International Food Festival
International Food Festival

About this Raleigh’s International Food Festival-FREE Admission

Raleigh is going to the world! More than 60 nations are represented. highlighting the variety, art, culture, customs, and history of Raleigh!
More than 60 international food trucks, dessert trucks, and exhibitors are present!
To experience F OOD and vendors from: Norway, El Salvador, USA, Mexico, Lebanon, Jamaica, Poland, Ireland, Italy, South Korea, Italy, Colombia, Spain, China, Honduras, Samoa, Japan, Venezuela, Ecuador, Cuba, Laos, Nigeria, Philippines, France, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Palestine, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, India, Trinidad, American BBQ, Pacific United States, Ghana, Azerbaijan, Chile, Syria, France, and Armenia.
B EER: North Carolina, Cider, Belgium, German, Poland, Belgium, England, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic.
WINE: German Riesling and Italian Pinot Grigio
Chilean Sauvignon Blanc with Argentine Malbec from REDS
Californian Cabernet, Italian Prosecco, and sparkling wine
Come find out why this fantastic event is the buzz of the town and why people travel great distances to enjoy our city’s worldwide culture!
largest international dance party outside! Never-ending performances! Bright stage!
Come spend the day with us downtown, explore Raleigh, and patronise regional, family-run shops.
Over 30,000 people attended our event the previous year. World-class music, cuisine, desserts, beer, and wine.
Dance party from the 1970s through the 1980s, passports, scavenger hunts, kiss cams, public voting for best food, and much more!
AWARD! Come out and dance with us dressed in your favourite 70s or 80s theme costume. A trophy for the “Best Dressed & Most Fun” spirit award will be given to the winner!

International Food Festival-

  • Worldwide Food Trucks
  • Mesas Drizzle D’s Funnel for El Salvador Queens Tacos Party in a Pita for Neza
  • The Jerkstand at Levy
  • Blu LLC Tee Spoon
  • LLC The Raccoon Grill
  • Paddy’s Waggon
  • Pizza Kono
  • Goldenkdog
  • Daisy Mae’s Restaurant
  • HotBoxPizza
  • Mama churros on the grill at Mexiarepa
  • The best egg rolls
  • Latin Influence
  • Inverted Drum
  • LLC SoulBachi
  • Mexican food with cilantro
  • Poblanos tacos at Fiori Trattoria
  • Events & Catering by Jolly
  • Chirba Chirba Truck Serving Beefy Buns
  • What’s Around Venezuelan cuisine
  • Don Meow and his Panda
  • Qspresso
  • Lao Lao Mobile Kitchen
  • Chop Nigerian Cuisine
  • Coconut island kitchen
  • Filipino food from L.A.M.I.
  • Squeezers from Carolina
  • Papa Nut shack Johnny’s Kool Fun
  • Shrimp Shack South
  • Chimney Cakes by Magdalena
  • Greek Gussy’s
  • Mama Stacks, hello
  • Restaurants Tombachi
  • The Toro Tapas and tacos from Alebrije
  • The NC Cinnabon Food Truck
  • Zest Zeng Zang
  • The Shrimp Van
  • RD empanadas
  • Bistro Green Onions
  • Fish Grill Trysea Cary Hollywood Taco Stand
  • Ice cream maker Brusters
  • Nice, Mike LLC Empanadas
  • T-Mobile Caribbean Kicker
  • Food Truck Bulkogi
  • Sunset Slush
  • The Cuban Cafe Lelo
  • Ukraine and Armenia
  • Inn at Lee’s
  • Carolina BBQ by Moe
  • NC Island Noodles
  • THE HILLS Funnel Cakes from the Dominican Republic’s Kitchen
  • Howard & Moore
  • the size of lemons
  • Himalayan Pita Perfect Shaved Ice
  • The Cinn-sane Candi Queen LLC Cinnamon Rolls
  • Icees IceQueen
  • Catering by Crepe Time – PLAZA
  • The Haitian food truck Bon Fritay
  • The Merak Creations of RUANALLC
  • Let’s shine
  • Authentic Motherland Sista2SistaBling LLC
  • Sisters of Sweet & Savoree (Tabatha Smith)
  • Body, mind, and spirit TIMM Oils/Women’s Wellness, LLC Aromatherapy and cosmetics
  • A henna tattoo on Niki
  • Organisation for Friendship with Azerbaijan
  • Police Department of Raleigh
  • NC Soccer Club
  • Feast of Syria
  • Ritz, Carmen City Farm
  • The Best Funnel Cakes in the World
  • Oak City Blends of Spice
  • enchanting Blvd.
  • Natural Self & Body Care with The Standard Body
  • Kimestry, Guilford County Sheriff’s Office 2Dye4
  • Group Capital Resorts LLC dba Capital Holidays
  • Scentsy
  • Cookie Boozie
  • Services for Home Food by Passanante
  • Australia’s Sheila’s Bakery
    Visit as many nations as you can using the Food Passports programme to get your passports stamped. First 100 entrants get a reward.
    Vendors’ People’s Choice Award
    KISS Cam Moments from our official media sponsor M4Media on the Jumbotron
    Test your knowledge with a scavenger hunt (available on our event app)
    Use the International Food Festival APP to locate all food vendors, purchase drink tickets online to skip the queue, see the schedule of performances, learn about the international children’s programming, and participate in other festival events.
    Schedule of performances on International Children’s Day at the COR Museum:
    Scotland bagpipers at 11:00
    Latin America: 11:15 China, 11:10 Solina Dance Studio presents
    11:25 China – Classic Chinese 11:30 Puerto Rico and Colombia
    Azerbaijan at 11:00
    11:45 China – Classical Chinese 11:50 Hawaii/Polynesia
    12:00 India Bollywood PRIYA, KidZ, and Indigo Dance Evolution
    12:10 India
    12:15 DIA Stage for Kpop Kids and Adults 12:35 Venezuela
    1:05 Poland by Polki NC., 1:10 Hawaii/Polynesia, 1:35 Puerto Rico, 12:50 China, 12:55 Colombia Mexico 1:55 Tik Tok Challenge: Staying Calm/Calm
    2:05 Venezuela
    China-Grand Entrance 2:20 2:40 2:45 Solina Dance Studio, Angola
    Mexico 3:05
    3:20 China 3:35 Siatta’s belly dance from Egypt
    African American 3:45
    3:55 China
    4:00 Armenia 4:05 Siatta’s Ndombolo Dance from the Congo
    Brazil 4:15 Mexico 4:35 México 4:50 5.10 in Fashion Show Tik Tok Challenge: Staying Alive and Calm
    Peru 5:20, Venezuela 5:35
    5:45 Tik Tok Challenge: Staying Alive and Calm
    6:05 70s 80s A fashion show
    International Dance Party: 70s and 80s, 6:05
    8:00 Team Blaze 70s and 80s explosion
    TikTok Keeping Alive Challenge: Relax Learn the move, perform it, and win a reward with the TikTok Challenge.
    A AVOID lengthy queues by buying your beer and wine tickets in advance and redeeming them at the designated tent. swift and simple.

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