Rooftop Reds Reservations 2022 In USA

[ MULTIPLE DATE OPTIONS ] Location : Rooftop Reds 299 Sands Street
 #Building 275 ROOFTOP Brooklyn, NY 11205 United States

Visit the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s first commercially viable Rooftop Reds Reservations vine yard (yes, you read that correctly) and wine bar!

Rooftop Reds Reservations
Rooftop Reds Reservations

About this Rooftop Reds Reservations .

Hello and welcome to Rooftop Reds! Come experience NYC’s only rooftop vineyard! Your reservation includes a bag of Zapp’s Chips, Boxed Water, and breathtaking views from the rooftop.

Rooftop Reservation Policy & Rules:

To enter, you must be at least 21 years old.

No dogs or pets allowed.

Your ticket is associated with a certain reservation time frame—end timings are specified.

rigorously enforced and must be followed For example, if you buy

You can attend any time after 12pm if you have tickets to a 12pm—4pm session.

will be required to vacate the rooftop by 4 p.m.

Outside food is not permitted.

Outside alcohol is not authorised.

NO SMOKING IS ALLOWED ON THE Rooftop Reds Reservations. 

Anyone who tosses anything from the roof will be asked to leave immediately.

Using the elevator is completely forbidden; if you are caught doing so, you will be asked to leave immediately.


We may be found in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Brooklyn, NY 11205, 299 Sands Street, Building 275


A Brooklyn Navy Yard gate is located at 299 Sands Street. Once at the gate, go as directed below to access Rooftop Reds.


  • Enter the Navy Yard through the Sands Street entrance, located at 299 Sands Street.
  • Show the security officer at the entrance the barcode you received the day of your reservation.
  • Continue through the gate and turn right at the stop sign—you’ll see Duggal on your left and the Wegmans loading dock on your
  • right—our building is straight ahead!
  • Building #275 houses Rooftop Reds.
  • Follow the indications to the staircase around the building’s curve and climb up to the rooftop (5 storeys up!).
  • Enjoy cold water as soon as possible!!!!

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