Searching for Celebrities with Tucci

[Date October 1]Location:Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre5919 Franklin Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90028 United States

Searching for Celebrities with Tucci
Searching for Celebrities with Tucci

About this Searching for Celebrities with Tucci

We’re infatuated with celebrity, we’ll admit that. We adore well-known folks. We aspire to be well-known. What comes after that? making the most well-known individuals we are aware of hang out with us. In this improv performance, we’re hunting for friendship with the most significant individuals in the world—those who are frequently stopped and requested for photos.

A celebrity guest will join Tucci for a drink as they chat about their experiences in Hollywood and what it’s like to be recognised. Based on their interaction, Tucci would improvise situations. Then everyone will travel by car.

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Alan Johnson, Anisha Jagannathan, Joe Corcoran, Bogart Avila, and Tucci

Casey Rosario, Jane Wilson, John-Michael Sedor, Brandon Waters, and Bri Rodebaugh

TBA Special Guest

Every purchase is final. At the scheduled time, the programme begins. We reserve the right to release your tickets to the waitlist if you arrive at the theatre less than five minutes prior to the start of the performance.

The lineup might change. Ages 15+

Los Angeles, California: 5919 Franklin Avenue, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

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