Smaller Means Stronger: How Small Businesses Can Lean towards Community for Corporate Events

Smaller Means Stronger
Smaller Means Stronger

About Community for Corporate Events

Smaller Means Stronger

The best way to get the word out about your company is to host a community event that highlights the work of local entrepreneurs. There may and should be mutual gain between a local company and the people that live nearby. Buying from neighbourhood shops not only benefits the company owners and workers, but also the local economy as a whole. Owners of locally owned companies are more likely to invest in the success of nonprofits serving their neighbourhoods.

By supporting mom-and-pop shops and other locally owned establishments, you are bolstering product variety and local control. Unlike a large multinational corporation, a small local firm will tailor its offerings specifically to your needs. This book will explain how to organise various sorts of community events geared at promoting small businesses, and it will point you in the direction of influential local organisations that you should invite to these events.

Better events that help local companies and residents.

Professional development seminars at no cost

Get in touch with local professionals, entrepreneurs, artisans, and creatives and have them lead workshops. A community event like this is a great way for companies to meet their customers and spread the word about what they provide, and it also provides valuable information to locals about the resources they can take use of. Florists, for instance, may instruct locals in the art of flower arranging, while computer programmers can show locals how to utilise useful software.

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Corporations may further their community involvement by participating in the organisation of a permanent tour that showcases local sites and provides educational information to visitors. Visitors, new residents, and locals alike may benefit from the expertise of local historians who can provide tours of historic sites and structures while answering questions about the area’s past and present. Tour guides may also speak about local companies that help make the town wonderful. Visit a café or restaurant after the tour’s conclusion so that participants may unwind with drinks and conversation.

Day of service to the community

Get in touch with local organisations and community centres to learn about volunteer opportunities, focusing on quick, easy tasks that may be completed in a single day. Organize a community-wide “all hands on deck” day of volunteering and get everyone involved. Start food and supply drives for nearby shelters and let prospective contributors know what’s required.

For hands-on initiatives such as constructing buildings or establishing a community garden, engage local small businesses such as construction firms and garden stores to contribute expertise and maybe donate resources. Limit the number of individuals working on each project so that no one is left out yet everyone can still contribute. You may get local youth groups interested by reaching out to them, and you can also encourage businesses to send their personnel to work on projects as a team-building opportunity.

Groups that meet regularly to network local businesses

Small company entrepreneurs prosper through sharing ideas, learning from others, and supporting the community. Help your local company owners engage with each other by holding a regular gathering where new subjects are covered throughout each session. Find a local restaurant or community centre to host your gathering, and consider letting everyone in your group take turns picking the evening’s topic and facilitating the discussion. The members themselves might contribute by sharing their knowledge by delivering speeches about their experiences.

Invite prospective company owners to join the networking group so they may learn from the community’s experienced business leaders, and hold sessions designed with them in mind.

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Celebrations of communal spirit

Organizing a festival or fair with activities for all demographics is a great way for businesses to become involved in their communities. Plan a party to honour what makes your neighbourhood special while giving everyone a good time. Pick something that highlights the skill sets of locals, like an art exhibit or a craft fair, or just have a party in a well-known park.

Get some of the best food trucks and restaurants in the area to either cater the event or sell refreshments there. In order to get more people in the door after the event, tell them to offer their greatest meals. Invite neighbourhood companies to put up informational booths and share their wares with the public, maybe offering discounts on future purchases or services.

During the occasion, you may also deliver a special presentation honouring local companies and organisations for their achievements and community service.

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Engage the neighbourhood by inviting them to dress rehearsals

Before opening to the public, many events need to have a dress rehearsal or a technical run-through. If you want to make friends in the neighbourhood and impress potential customers, consider giving out free or reduced tickets to these previews to community organisations like small business owners and workers. Participants may give constructive criticism, and those putting on the performance or arranging the exhibit can practise in front of an actual audience before the big debut. Invite the guests to spread the word about the event and share their experiences with friends and family through social media.

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Organize a craft show

Facilitate a craft fair where local artists and craftspeople may market their wares. Invite restaurants and food merchants to put up booths to serve refreshments during the fair so guests can eat and drink as they buy and more local businesses are engaged. Make sure that each artist and crafter booth costs are affordable so that no one is turned away because of lack of funds.

Organizing a craft-focused event might be challenging if there isn’t enough interest in the community; in this case, a craft fair could be a fun addition to an already existing event. Promote local businesses by inviting them to set up shop at your event.

Raise awareness and get people involved

Everyone should feel welcome and at home at community gatherings. Put your energy into luring a crowd that is representative of the full breadth and depth of your community’s offerings, both in terms of people and businesses.

Town centers

Retail establishments on the high street are excellent meeting places. These local entrepreneurs offer a distinct perspective on the city and direct contact with the public, making them excellent resources for your company’s CSR efforts. It can be worth approaching any of these establishments about sponsoring your event, especially if they are well-known in the area or serve as a cornerstone of the community. Request that they share information about the event on their social media channels and direct interested parties to your Eventbrite page to register

In-town mom-and-pop shops

Small companies, even those that aren’t in the downtown area, are in tune with the needs and desires of their communities and the people who live there. You may give them exposure in return for their paying for a certain event expense or supplying a material resource. Including local, less well-known businesses in your event is a great way to show you care about the community as a whole and to spread a message of acceptance.

Restaurants in the area

Get local eateries and mobile food vendors to showcase their signature dishes and innovative creations by inviting them to participate in your event. You could want to talk to local restaurants about sponsoring your event in exchange for discounts for guests.

Public gathering places

Meeting rooms and opportunities to network with like-minded individuals can be found at community hubs like recreation and senior centres. Giving these groups a free booth or table at your event gives them exposure to more members of the community, who may be interested in volunteering their time to help further their missions. If a local charity or community centre is letting you hold your event at their facility, be sure to include a short presentation on the organization’s goals and ways locals may get involved.


These dependable institutions play a vital role in promoting literacy and are often vocal supporters of community activities and initiatives. Libraries serve as community hubs and may host a variety of functions. Participation from your community library, especially if they can bring a bookmobile or other mobile component, may be quite beneficial. As part of your advertising strategy, coordinate with the library to spread the word about your upcoming event.


Gather important members of the community who can help promote your event and have everyone on your organising team contact them. These might be locals who are natural networkers, those who can give a specific skill or expertise, or local politicians, celebrities, or influencers who could bring additional attendance to the event by promoting or supporting it.

Lists of customers from nearby shops and services

Make sure the companies who participate in your event are aware of the importance of spreading the news about it to their consumers via digital and traditional channels alike. Invite companies to send an email to their customer contacts advertising their attendance at the event and providing a link to the registration page if at all feasible.

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