Sponsorship Perks: Promoting Your Event to Potential Backers

Are you familiar with the values that event sponsors seek? If you don’t utilise that data to guide your sponsorship pitch, you won’t be able to impress the relevant companies. As the events sector recovers from a pandemic that has made it less safe but also opened up greater opportunities (hello, hybrid events!), this becomes even more crucial.The truth is that sponsors won’t give you money simply because you’re offering them free admission. Your event idea will have a better chance of being accepted if it is tailored to their specific strategic business objectives.

Promoting YAour Event to Potential BackersPromoting YAour Event to Potential BackersPromoting YAour Event to Potential Backers
Promoting YAour Event to Potential Backers

Five of the most sought-after sponsorship perks that  help you attract major companies.

One major perk of being a sponsor is having easy entry.

Sponsors are looking to expand their reach to a wider audience. Your ability to demonstrate that your event’s participants are your target market depends on how well you understand their demographics

Once you’ve established that the people in attendance fit a sponsor’s desired demographic, you may emphasise the unique access to consumers that your event offers. Those that attend your events have already shown their willingness to spend money in a certain market, and they are likely to keep doing so. Personal events have the potential to leave a more profound and long-lasting imprint. Instead of having a sponsor’s message appear as an annoying banner ad on someone’s Facebook feed or as a commercial they’ll quickly flick over on TV, it will be seamlessly woven into an exciting and memorable in-person experience.

Offer to work with event sponsors to personalise their sponsorship so that it helps the sponsor’s brand stand out to its ideal demographic. One idea is to have a brand ambassador introduce a live musical or comedy performance, or to have the top prize in a contest or raffle “presented by” the company.

Here’s a hint: go through your event and attendance statistics to identify inventive approaches of bringing in sponsors. If you choose wisely, activation may turn your event into a victory for you, your guests, and your sponsors.

Advantage Number Two of Sponsorship: Private Market Research

Some businesses really put forth the effort to identify and target their perfect clientele. You’re in luck since the proper companies will kill to get their hands on the information you possess, which is unique to your sector.

Key information, such as attendees’ email addresses, the days of the week that see the most ticket sales, the pricing points that generate the most interest, and the advertising methods that lead to conversions, may be gathered from Eventbrite registrations. Making a survey and sending it through email to attendees before or after the event is a great way to get specific feedback. Your knowledge of the sponsor’s audience, from demographics and firmographics to purchasing habits, may inform their business strategy and help them achieve their goals.

Advice: Let sponsors decide what important marketing questions they want answered in the next follow-up survey. The event organisers might also organise focus groups comprised of attendees who are interested in providing feedback in order to get the specific information about the target audience they need.

The third perk of sponsorship is its all-around usefulness.

Sponsorship options before and after your event should not be discounted just because you’re focusing on branding during the actual event itself. Sponsors care most about the return on their investment (ROI). That implies they want to recoup the money they’re spending on sponsorships by increasing their client base.

Sponsorship money may be put to use in a number of ways, including pre-event material like branded picture collections and video compilations, and post-event content like branded hashtags and retweets of attendees’ posts about the event. Offer them as standalone sponsorship deals or in a bundled sponsorship package to attract more top-tier sponsors.

Use tools like surveys and focus groups to gauge how your event’s participants feel about a sponsor’s product or service. Make use of this information to guide your sponsors in developing plans for future growth and development, and then re-evaluate the same metrics six months following the event.

Reason No. 4 to Sponsor an Event: Deliverables trump lofty promises.

Sponsors have goals, such as expanding their audience or gaining new customers. They will want to track all aspects of their sponsorship to make sure they are reaping the advantages of their investment regardless of the result.

Luckily, you can provide your sponsors real-time figures that verify the success of their sponsorship by providing them with both hard and soft data from the event as it occurs. From the first announcement, through the event itself, and finally to the clean-up, you may display the evolution of the data for their perusal. Show how many more people are aware of your brand thanks to your efforts in promoting it. Detail the percentage of social media clicks that result in site visits, as well as the number of online purchases, to demonstrate your site’s conversion rate. Finally, do post-event surveys to gauge how your sponsor was received by guests and record their feedback.

One piece of advice is to detail in your presentation how their sponsorship will help them accomplish their goals. Avoid assuming that people will automatically draw the conclusion. Don’t simply tell them where you’ll feature their brand if you want to raise exposure for it. Instead, explain how you’ll keep tabs on event-related social media activity, how you’ll gauge attendance, and what you’ll do to quantify attendees’ continued brand loyalty after the event is over.

Purchase information-gathering equipment to wow potential funders.

Be honest with yourself. Sponsors will be interested in your event only if it provides them with exposure that their money can’t purchase from other sources. Your offerings are based on the information you have gathered about your clients, including their demographics, purchasing habits, and conversion rates. An essential component of using Eventbrite is collecting information about your guests.

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