Thanksgiving Day Event 2022 (Throughout the USA)

24 November – 26 November


Thanksgiving Day (Throughout the USA)









Thanksgiving Day.

Both of the country America & Canada celebrate the thanksgiving as a holiday. In the United States, it takes place on the fourth Tuesday of November and started out as a harvest festival so Today it is an opportunity to get the whole family, friend related  together to give thanks for a prosperous year. However, there are plenty of public celebrations to enjoy as well as. And One of the famous is the Macy’s department store pride   in New York city which marks the opening of the festive shopping season for all Visitors come from far and wide to enjoy the bustling atmosphere of thanksgiving day . The parade is also known for its marching bands and entertainers, and, of course, the enormous tethered balloons of famous cartoon characters so if you want to enjoy the life come and make your life enjoyment on thanksgivings day .

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