THANKSGIVING WINES: Perfect Pairings for a Festive Feast

THANKSGIVING WINES: Perfect Pairings for a Festive Feast
THANKSGIVING WINES: Perfect Pairings for a Festive Feast

ABOUT THIS THANKSGIVING WINES: Perfect Pairings for a Festive Feast

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks, spending time with family, and feasting. And what better way to celebrate this occasion than with expertly chosen wines? Explore a carefully picked selection of wines that will enhance and bring out the flavours in your Thanksgiving meal.

What We’ll Discover Is This:

Whites, rosés, and red wines: Which wines are essential for Thanksgiving?

Wine tasting tour: a guided tasting of wines selected to go well with the complex Thanksgiving flavours.

Pairing suggestions for each meal, from appetisers to sweets, are provided in “From Starters to Pie.”

Buying Advice: Advice on choosing wines that are impressive without breaking the bank.

A FUN FACT about Port Angeles is included at the bottom of the screen. 

the following is applicable when hosted at J’s Bottle Shop in Athens, Georgia

Starting with the first bottle purchased on the event day, J’s Bottle Shop is offering all guests 10% discount on all wines. There are several limitations.

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Are seminars from the Normal School of Wine back?

Yes! We’re still residing in J’s Bottle Shop in Athens, Georgia, sort of. In response to demand, we’re bringing back cherished oldies and presenting brand-new lectures. Our goal is to provide you with wine knowledge so that you may incorporate it into your daily life. These activities are open to everyone. Cheers to confident drinking!

Do I have to register for each one separately?

Sure! However, you are not need to because each one is a stand-alone, independent wine-tasting class with a particular focus.

Do I have to arrive early?

Please be aware that the room will only open up to 15 minutes before the lesson begins. Since there are no assigned seats, we advise getting there 5 to 10 minutes early to have your first choice.

Can I still use my NSW Gift Certificate or Existing/Active Discount Code?

Sure! Send us an email at if you are unable to use it and it is active, and we will see what we can do.

Can I bring a non-paying, non-drinking guest with me?

We discourage it because there isn’t much sitting in the somewhat tiny area, and we’d prefer save the most comfortable spaces for our paying and wine-tasting visitors.

Utilise the finest to enjoy the warmth of the season.

selections of wine for your table. Enhance your Thanksgiving celebration by serving wines that are as special as the shared memories.
Am I allowed to bring my own wine glasses?

Sure! Remember that we pour 2 oz of wine each serving, and the appearance may vary depending on the size and shape of the wine glass. With no complaints

Policy on refunds

Please be informed that cancellations made less than 24 hours before the commencement of the programme will not be refunded. A 50% refund is available for cancellations submitted within 48 hours of the event.

Testimonials: “

I thought I had my Thanksgiving feast all planned out, but NRML WINE opened my eyes to the world of wonderful combinations. An innovator!” — Jordan H.
The lectures put on by NRML WINE are consistently enlightening. Thanksgiving will never be the same again. — Riley P.

Did You Know? is a fun port fact.

Your cranberry sauce, turkey, and pie can all shine with the appropriate wine! With us, discover the beauty of combinations.

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