The best Fredericksburg Safari Wine Tour In 2022

[MULTIPLE DATE]Location: Banker smith, Texas7905 Old San Antonio Road Fredericks burg,
 TX 78624United States.

Fredericksburg Safari Wine Tour An outback ranch wine tasting in Texas. A tram driver will take you on a special, behind-the-scenes tour where you can meet exotic animals.

Fredericksburg Safari Wine Tour
Fredericksburg Safari Wine Tour

About This Event Fredericksburg Safari Wine Tour

On a functioning ranch located in the heart of the Texas Outback, enjoy award-winning wines.

Visit Grapetown Vineyard and Farm in Fredericksburg, Texas, to see the intricate processes and relationships that go on there behind the scenes! The Historic Bankersmith Dance Hall and Saloon is where the tour begins.

Depending on the size of your company, a private driver will take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of our exotic animals and ranch operations prior to your wine tasting. Exotic animals like camels, zebras, alpacas, bison, and longhorns will be visible, and you may even get to feed them! We also breed Boer, Ponies, African Pygmy, Saanen, and Dwarf Dairy Goats, as well as a few Donkeys. Please don’t forget to give your tour guide a tip; they put in a lot of effort and value your feedback on the tour.

Please arrive early for your tour; we mean on time. You are holding up the entire gang, therefore we can’t wait for you! The tour begins at the historic “ghost town” Bankersmith Dance Hall and Saloon, which is located at 7905 Old San Antonio Road. After that, you’ll be driven to Grapetown Vineyard and Farm, the location of the safari tours. Under no circumstances are there any refunds.

Unfortunately, as a farm or ranch, much of the tour is not wheelchair accessible. As a result, visitors in wheelchairs may miss some of the garden if they can’t navigate gravel. Send us an email, and we’ll try to schedule a private tour for you or make other arrangements.

For any reason, there are absolutely no refunds. We won’t give you a refund if you fail to make the tour. We will instead provide you passes for a later on Fredericksburg Safari Wine Tour.


Pricing Safari Wine Tour :

For those over 21, higher level tickets include a wine tasting (4 tastings).

Infants in arms are admitted free, however all other children (including infants) must have a ticket whether walking or using a stroller.

Please email us at to let us know if you have a group of ten or more.

Farm liability waiver forms must be signed by adults on behalf of accompanying children and themselves.

If you don’t plan a tour in advance, we cannot promise that it will be available.

Duration of Tour:

Depending on how many questions are asked and how long visitors chose to spend partaking in the wine tasting, the tour typically lasts 90 to 120 minutes.

Please inform your tour guide at the beginning of your tour if you have a time limit.

Availability and Climate:

The majority of the tour takes place outside and is conducted in all types of weather.

If rain is forecast, you might wish to carry an umbrella (for shade) or a raincoat.

Please keep in mind that this is a working farm and try to avoid wearing sandals or flip flops while taking the Safari Wine Tour.

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