The BIGGEST Japanese Event in Texas – TOKYO NIGHT FESTIVAL 2022

[Nov 11] Location: Texas Festival Grounds 6848 Almeda Genoa Rd Houston, TX 77075 United States

The BIGGEST Japanese Event in Texas – TOKYO NIGHT FESTIVAL 2022 Don’t miss your chance for Early Bird Prices! Sale ends 10/16! Join Tokyo Night Festival for 2-days event to celebrate Japanese Culture!


The BIGGEST Japanese Event in Texas - TOKYO NIGHT FESTIVAL 2022
The BIGGEST Japanese Event in Texas – TOKYO NIGHT FESTIVAL 2022

About this Event BIGGEST Japanese Event in Texas – TOKYO NIGHT FESTIVAL 2022

Food Suppliers: Avoid Japanese restaurants

  • Cafe Tokyo Maid
  • The ONIGIRI (Gourmet Japanese rice balls)
  •  Tatsunoya Noodles
  •  The Hako Bento Box Co.
  •  Tatsuya Ramen
  • Japanese Bites
  •  Greater Houston Japanese Association (Takoyaki)
  •  Aqua S
  • Cao Bao; Burger Chan
  • Click the Virtual Food Hall link.
  •  Noodles and Crawfish
  • Dumpling Haus
  • The heaviest cow
  • Café Teagu

vendor special guests Worldwide Republic

  • • Ice Kuramoto (Japanese Shaved Ice)
  • The Marukome
  • Liquor vendors
  • Hyper Bubble
  • Concessions by BB
  •  Coffee Dream Eaters
  • Lincoln Bar
  • vendor special guests
  • Kimi Juice
  • Artists performing live
  •  Nisei Japanese hip-hop artist G Yamazawa
  •  Houston’s Kaminari Taiko
  •  Takumi Kato, world champion in wadaiko
  • Onoe-Ryu Traditional Japanese Dance by Hiromi Onoe
  • Paida, a Japanese American idol British dancer and choreographer Juju
  •  Nevos Tyler, a hip-hop artist from Houston
  • • Oh, the melancholy! – J-rock musician located in Houston
  • • Kendama artist Michael Martin
  • • The dark pop duo Innerlux
  • • Aymi, a Californian solo artist making her debut
  • Special Visitors: Murabayashi Hirofumi, General Consulate of Japan
  • Swisha House •
  • • Michael Watts, 5000
  • • JunePurrr, creator of the SubZero webtoon
  • • @2sad2yeet Ami Inu
  • • @miisopunny – Zoey Lee
  • • @arts cassimoon/@cassimoon, Cassimoon

Voice Performers- Johnson Hunter

  • Shepard, Blake
  • Bryan Baugus
  • Kelly, Christina
  • Jason Hickman
  • Gremillion, John
  • Swasey, John
  • Jones, Kyle
  • Olga Swasey

Japanese visitors vendors:

  •  Global Republic – Japanese handcrafted goods/memorabilia

Visiting vendors:

  • US Jaclean/Daiwa
  • Charity Auction by Zobie Production
  •  Oishii Imports’ display of JDM classic cars
  • Artist Alley and merchandise vendors

Vendors with Features:

  •  Weeb Stop
  • Skins by Xpress
  • Senpai Team
  • Tokyo Night Merchandise Stand
  • Production Zobie

Favorite List:

Drag Candy, figma WORLD, Agave Art, Anime Armory, Bizzy Being Lizzy, Chaotic Neutral, DecoJuku, Doki Duckie, and G.M. Numerous vendors will be present, including: anime, Habiteer Workshop LLC, Hellodawnco, Henpai Haven, Kumo Bunny Creations, LeLelacy Crafting, Moonlightz, Mya Accessories, Peachy Kitsu, Peanut Butter Pigs, Pop Resin, Random Smash, Ravenshire Hobby, Shakenbake Art, Sugar Skulls by Maggie DFW, The Smallest Giraffe, Tokyo Night Merch Booth, Venus Dreams of Art, Witchy

  • Combative Arts
  • Official Sumo Competition
  • Kendo Exhibition
  •  A demonstration of jujitsu

The Tokyo Night Festival has been UPDATED!

We have extended our hours this year and are now 2 DAYS! The 20 acres of our new location, Texas Festival Grounds, can accommodate 10 times as many attendees as the previous year. We’ll smash records and be the biggest Japanese festival the country has ever seen!

In order to further represent and unite the Japanese community in Houston, Tokyo Night Festival has also partnered with Sky Fly Wifi, La La La Entertainment, Japan UP Magazine, and the Japanese Association of Greater Houston. All of these businesses are owned and run by Japanese people.

We intend to:

Houston should “Bring a Piece of Japan”

You definitely shouldn’t miss this event!

Added Information

Sales of tickets conclude on 10/16/2022. Children under the age of five are admitted FREE; reduced tickets for kids aged six to fifteen and senior citizens (60 and over) are available at the door. At the door, a military/service discount will be provided.

Refund Procedure

There are no refunds for this event.

Is it necessary  .

to be over the age of 21 to attend?

Yes, all IDs will be examined at the gate, no exceptions. If you are under the age of 21, please do not purchase a ticket.

Are children permitted to attend the event?

There are no children. Call the babysitter ahead of time!

Are pets permitted at the event?

Please leave our dogs, cats, horses, and fish at home, as much as we adore them.

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