The Blue Point Cask Ales Festival 2022

[November 5, 2022]Location: Blue Point Brewing Company 225 West Main Street Patchogue, NY 11772 United States

Blue Point Cask Ales Festival 2022 The 18th annual Cask Ales Festival is approaching fast! It’s a significant deal, for sure.

Blue Point Cask Ales Festival 2022
Blue Point Cask Ales Festival 2022

About this Blue Point Cask Ales Festival 2022

Ernie & The Band, DJ Kaution, and The Warped Tour Band perform live.

Our community partner, Long Island Cares, will get a share of the proceeds from ticket sales.

This is an outdoor event that will go on regardless of the weather.

The minimum age to enter is 21.

The criteria for admission are subject to change.

Have inquiries? Observe this FAQ!

Send us a DM on Instagram at blue point brewing if you don’t see what you’re searching for.

A firkin is what?

A 10.8 gallon container called a “firkin” is used to condition casks.

Filtered beer is transported into casks, carbonated, capped, and then goes through a brief final fermentation in the barrel as part of the conditioning process.

As a result, the beer has a rounder mouthfeel, a considerably milder level of carbonation, and as it is unfiltered, it typically exhibits a little more nuanced flavour and aromatic profile.

The cost of tickets

Each ticket for general entry costs $70. Tickets for drinking and driving cost $35.

Is the Brewpub a place where I can buy tickets?

This year, we will only be selling a few tickets via the brewpub. so quickly grab yours!

What do my tickets entitle me to?

Free admission to the Cask Ales Festival from 2pm to 6pm, plus beer tastings from Blue Point and more than 50 other breweries, live entertainment, and a firkin’ good time!

Our neighbourhood partner Long Island Cares will receive a share of the proceeds from each ticket sale.

Are kids and minors permitted?

It’s a 21+ event. Entry requires identification, and there are no exceptions.

Can my ticket be cancelled?

Every purchase is final. Any cancellation of Cask Fest will result in a full refund being given.

What rules apply to the weather?

Rain or sun, the Cask Ales Festival will go on.

Is parking a paid service?

River Avenue Elementary School and the Watch Hill Ferry Lot both offer free parking.

The village of Patchogue has plenty of parking as well. Please be aware that a large portion of such parking is metered.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND utilising a rideshare service!

How do I use public transportation to get there?

One mile can be readily covered to get to the brewery from the Patchogue LIRR station.

Is there a set time by which we must arrive?

No, starting at 2pm, the gates will remain open during the entire event. Be there at 1:30 pm to avoid waiting in lines.

When we get here, what do we do?

The VIP & public admission lanes will be distinct and well-marked. At 2pm, you’ll get your sampling glass and be able to participate in the best firkin day ever.

The criteria for admission are subject to change.

What do I need to bring?

a sweater for cooler weather, a valid photo ID, and you must be at least 21 years old. A bucket list of breweries you wish to visit.

What is the event’s capacity?

roughly 3000 visitors.

Can I leave early because I need to?

You are welcome to go whenever you like. Please organise a safe ride home if you intend to consume alcohol. Ridesharing is highly encouraged, and the pickup location will be well indicated.

Can I arrive late because I have to?

Anytime is a good time to show up. Directly approach the entrance gate.

What should I do if I encounter someone who makes me uncomfortable?

If you observe any circumstances that you believe to be harmful, kindly inform a member of the event staff. Each employee will have a shirt that is prominently labelled.

Will there be a supply of food?

Throughout the event, visitors can purchase food from a variety of merchants and food trucks. On the day of Cask Fest, food trucks will provide their menus, which will include a selection of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free alternatives.

Will alcohol be offered for purchase?

The selling of alcohol will not be available there.

Will wine or cider be served?

Although any of the participating brewers may choose to offer alternatives, this is a beer event. We will have gluten-free LIIT hard tea seltzer on hand.

Am I allowed to bring my own food and drink?

Outside food and drink are not allowed.

Does it have water?

Throughout the festival, complimentary water stations will be available.

Can I go to the Brewpub when Cask Fest is going on?Cask Fest will see the closure of the Brewpub.

Can I take my unfinished beer home with me?

We apologise, but food and drink are not permitted outside the festival.

Can I bring a chair or a cooler with me?

No outside food, drink, or seats are allowed.

Will there be any programming for kids?

No. Only those who are over 21 may enter.

Can my dog come along?

Except for assistance animals, no pets are allowed.

Is reentry permitted?

The gates for this event will not be open for re-entry.

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