The Complete Guide to Event Planner Logos: Ideas, Tips, Examples

Do you want to distinguish your event organising business? Logos for event planners are a fantastic method to do that.

The Complete Guide to Event Planner Logos Great marketing starts with a quality logo, regardless matter whether you’re working as a team or alone, just starting out or an industry veteran. But it goes far further than just paying someone to create a catchy logo for you. This handbook fills that need.

The Complete Guide to Event Planner Logos: Ideas, Tips, Examples
The Complete Guide to Event Planner Logos: Ideas, Tips, Examples

To learn more about the world of event planner logos, keep reading. You’ll be well on your way to establishing a logo that stands out from the competition if you explore samples, ideas, recommendations, and more. But first, the significance of event planner logos:

A strong logo encourages brand loyalty, is distinctive, and sets you apart from the competition, according to the professionals at Design Powers. And branding research backs up this assertion.

In times of intense rivalry, a strong logo may help event planners and other organisations stand out from the competitors, according to a research on designing successful logos. Taco Bell spends 20 times more on its permanent media, such as “signs that carry simply its name and brand,” than it does on advertising, the report continues. Additionally, Nike’s swoosh has grown to be so well-known that the name is often omitted from the company’s advertisements

This visual component of your branding package is obviously something that merits careful thought.

8 illustrations of event organiser logos (and what makes them so special)

Look at the samples below for inspiration that were “made by the graphic design community at 99designs.” Learn about the unique qualities of each logo, how to apply some of the strategies to your own logo design, and much more.

1.Key elements: a cute image, a strong design, and fun typeface

Who said the words in your event planner’s logo had to be words? Add a character in your likeness to it to make it even more distinctive, as shown in this example. Not only will it help your brand stand out, but it will also make it easier for your consumers to associate the name with a certain individual.


2. Describe your offerings.

Key characteristics: Clearly mentioned services, a range of typefaces and colours

Potential customers will understand precisely what you do without any more explanation if you have a logo that describes your services. When they want one of these particular services, they’ll be sure to think of you, whether they discover you online or take a business card. To optimum effect, limit the number of services you highlight on the logo to your top 2 or 3 most popular choices.

Takeaway: Having your services for customers written out in your event planner logo is sometimes the best choice. Pro tip: Be sure to make any wordy designs big and tidy enough so that it is still simple to read when it is resized for social media.

3. Find the right niche.

Highlights include cartoon graphics, happy children and animals, and entertaining decorations.

Event planner logos often include elegant writing and flowers, but if you specialise in children’s parties, like in this example, you may be much more particular. The vivid colours and images in this illustration all depict what consumers may anticipate when they get in touch with this expert.

Takeaway: When creating your event planner logos, keep in mind the conventional styles and design aspects that are linked with your selected sector.

4. Promote what makes you special.

Names, services, and an artwork that best illustrates them are the main elements

Why not showcase a unique quality that sets you apart if you are a highly competent competitor competing against other highly skilled competitors? In this case, the twin sisters who make up the event organising team. They used a figurative example to emphasise this point. It’s a fantastic conversation starter and very simple to recall.

Conclusion: You may utilise aspects of your own life or passions to further distinguish your event planner logo.

5. Include logo colors.

Key components include a logo, a slogan, and pink and blue typography.

Choose a colour scheme that you currently use for your other branding instead of the neutral option. Instead of mixing the blue or pink with the black in this example of an event planner logo, the designers decided to make the design stand out by doing so.

Conclusion: Use the same colours (or colour family) in your logo as you use on your other marketing materials to give your brand a unified appearance.

6. Add tactical symbols.

Character is entertaining, the form is meaningful, and the colours are striking.

There are two variations of this event planner logo: one with the ticket ripped and one without. They can simply put this scaled-down version of the picture to promotional items like caps and drink bottles by keeping the llama figure on the stub.

Takeaway: Even a seemingly basic design may have deeper significance if you take into account the meanings associated with the symbols you choose in your event planner logo.

7. Share a tale.

Key characteristics: a simple layout, wise use of color, and wordplay

With few words, this event planner logo conveys a lot. Potential customers may tell just by looking at itthat Perfect Pear Events is conducted by two individuals who get along well and whose skills compliment one another. The use of the colour green may also suggest sentiments of growth, rebirth, vitality, tranquilly, security, and more; also, the usage of the branches to frame the term Perfect Pear is a powerful and original method to highlight the brand.

Takeaway: When choosing a name for your event business, keep in mind your logo and branding.

8. Mention where you are.

Key characteristics: Stylish color palette, minimalist design, and strategic symbols

This event planner’s logo is simple yet powerful. A strategic heart consisting of two thumbprints is also included, signifying the area the firm serves as well as the personal touch it gives events. For lone planners or small businesses that don’t provide their services in different places, this method works brilliantly since it lets prospective customers know right away that this is a planning firm based in Martha’s Vineyard.

The key message here is that you can easily draw in local customers by emphasising the region you service in your logo.

In a few easy steps, here’s how to make logos for event planners:

1. Think about your specialty.

For instance, black and white or soft colour schemes work well for wedding planner logos. Themes that are loud and exciting are great for children’s parties, whereas luxury picnic planners should tend toward bohemian and neutral colours.

2. Examine the opposition.

You’ve seen some fantastic examples of event planner logos in a range of designs. But it’s also important to research what strategies your neighborhood’s rivals are doing. Look at 10 to 15 rival companies that provide comparable event planning services. Indicate the points where they disagree and agree. Try to design logo possibilities that both match consumer expectations for businesses like these and have something distinctive to set them apart from the competition.

3. Align team objectives.

At first, a logo for your event business could be all you need, ut as your team expands, you’ll want to think about what your team’s overall goal will be. Your mission statement will be more firmly established, and having a north star today will provide a good framework for your logo design.

4. Use words carefully.

It’s important to consider names and logos for event planners. Make sure the wording in your logo don’t convey anything unprofessional if you cater to a global audience. If you use your own name, think about how the design might change if you used one, both, or even your whole name spelt out.

Utilize this event planner logo guide right now!

A lot may be inferred about you, what you do, and how you do it from your event planner logo. This is precisely why it’s wise to understand how to do it properly and pick up tips from experts who have previously done it

Next, include your event planner logo into the layout of your own lead-attracting event planner website. Find out how to create event planning taglines that really work.

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