The Haunted Happenings Now in USA

[Date Sat Oct 29 2022] Location: Salem, Massachusetts, United States.

The Haunted Happenings We are looking forward to selling our wares at the Salem Common this year.

Haunted Happenings
Haunted Happenings

About The  Haunted Happenings

Every weekend in October, this occurs, however I can only make it on this day (10/29)

We are pleased to announce that this year marks 40 years of Salem Haunted Happenings!
A very warm welcome to Salem Haunted Happenings, the world’s biggest Halloween event!

Celebrations, parades, vendor fairs, walking tours, museums, attractions, and special activities in Salem are expected to draw in excess of 500,000 tourists.

Set aside some time, choose a suitable outfit, and come hang out with us for a month that is replete with legends, ghost stories, and a touch of the mystical.

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