The Masquerade Fashion Show in UK

[DATE SAT OCT 15 2022] location:Grand Junction , Rowington Cl, London W2 5TF,
 London, United Kingdom

The Masquerade is a visual art performance where dress, music, and dance all come together. The 18th century masquerade ball is the inspiration for our 2022 theme.

The Masquerade Fashion Show
The Masquerade Fashion Show

At our red carpet press boards, we’ll have champagne and canapés waiting for you once you walk in.

About The Masquerade Fashion Show

Renowned DJ Lisa Maffia and So Solid Crew’s Romeo will be hosting the event, which will include performances by both established artists and up-and-coming newcomers.

With a string quartet providing the musical backdrop, some of London’s most brilliant designers will show off their exclusive collections on the runway.

Masquerade Fashion Show

  • Canapés and beverages will be provided for the VVIPS and VIPs. A vegan alternative will be provided.
  • We will be both a silent auction and a live auction to benefit Compton Care, our designated charity for the evening.
  • Join us for a last dance at our masquerade after party.
  • We give up a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales to charity, so any amount is appreciated.
  • (Bring your mask, even if you may buy one of our vendor stalls.)
  • Event Attire: Red Carpet Attire

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