The MeatEx Canada Event 2023

[28 - 30 Sep 2023] Location : Toronto, Canada's Enercare Centre

MeatEx Canada 2023

MeatEx Canada is paving the road for the meat sector to thrive in the future. This event is about improving the meat business for the future, as well as those who are interested in the meat sector.

MeatEx Canada

This seminar educates high-tech processing plants on the latest packaging techniques, food safety, and rising meat quality requirements. The exhibitors will provide new solutions to the meat-processing sector and butcher’s trade need. MeatEx Canada will be the premier innovation platform and bring retail trade and butcher’s trade together for three days to promote the excellence and variety of the Canadian meat industry. This event is particularly important for the meat sector in Toronto. This event provides a comprehensive selection of meat products, meat-related apparatus, equipment, and technologies that satisfy the following requirements: MEAT MANUFACTURING-MEAT PROCESSING-MEAT RETAIL-MEAT SERVICE


All-in-one business platform for connecting with the finest.
The Business-to-Business Meeting Place for the American Continent and the Rest of the World
Organizer of high-level foreign delegations and purchasers
Introducing the Meat Industry’s Quality Future (#EatBetterMeat)

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4 thoughts on “The MeatEx Canada Event 2023”

  1. I am interested in the MeatEx Canada 2024, i will like to attend so that i can get knowledge and new skill in my poultry industry. Kindly support me with the scholarship for registration and i will pay for my hotel and flight ticket… I have my own company in Ghana, Called Dreamland Adom farm’s. Thank you

  2. I will be very glad to attend next year 2024 MeatEx Canada, my mission to get more knowledge about my farming industry, so that i can teach the youth in my village as well as my Ghana, i want to become the best farmer in my country Ghana and also can produce my food and meat to supply other country’s.

  3. My main product are: chicken and pork meat, sales of eggs production and chicken meat as well

  4. Buy everything at retain and sell everything at wholesale


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