The Most Creative Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas That Really Work

The Most Creative Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas That Really Work
The Most Creative Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas That Really Work

When planning entertainment for a business event, coming up with original ideas that guests will love may be a difficult task. However, there are a number of possibilities that won’t break the bank that will complement the primary agenda of your event and create experiences that your visitors will remember for a long time.

We have compiled a list of five innovative activities that you may include into your next business event, or use as a springboard to generate your own one-of-a-kind entertainment concepts. Find out more about the methods that major event brands use to engage guests in exciting and fascinating activities, as well as the ways in which you may adapt each concept to better suit your requirements.

What exactly are some examples of entertainment activities?

Participants at business events are sure to enjoy themselves more when they participate in entertaining group activities. In order to provide guests with a respite from the regularly planned programming, planners of bigger corporate events include entertainment activities into the agendas of such events. They also plan entertainment events that educate attendees on issues that are related to the event that they are attending, but these activities are not a part of the main line up.

This kind of event may require prior tickets or registration, may restrict attendance to event VIPs only, or may be accessible to members of the general public. Planners of corporate events that want to charge attendees for admission should include at least one free entertainment activity into the schedule for their corporate events.

Learn about the top ideas for entertaining guests at business events.

Choose the entertainment ideas for your business event depending on the primary objectives of the event. For instance, hosting an after-party complete with a drink mixer is a great way to facilitate networking amongst guests in a casual atmosphere. Alternatively, a corporate event entertainment concept that might take the form of an optional masterclass could have brand reps in the role of thought leaders on a certain topic. This will assist to enhance brand awareness while also establishing domain authority, as well as providing attendees with quality material.

Learn about some innovative entertainment concepts for use at corporate events. These concepts may be used in conjunction with other, bigger events like tradeshows and conferences, or they can stand on their own as activities for workers and consumers.

1. Include a competition for mocktails as one of the entertainment options at your business event.

A mocktail competition is an event in which players are given no more than ten minutes to concoct an appetising mixed drink. The flavour, ingenuity, and presentation of each entry are all taken into consideration before awarding points. The winners will get rewards such as a free upgrade to a service provided by your business or a gift voucher for a product that is relevant to the contest.

Construct a stage with as many as ten separate creative stations for each participant. After that, you should give each participant a predetermined quantity of the substances. Include at least one uncommon ingredient, such as edible gold, asparagus, or chocolate chip ice cream, in order to jolt their creative juices into action. To ensure that everyone has an equal chance, you should equip each station with the exact identical set of equipment.

Cost: Each competitor should prepare one drink for the panel of judges to enjoy and divide among themselves. In addition to ice, the only other thing you will need to purchase is a liquid drink base, such lemonade or soda, as well as three additional components. You should budget less than fifty dollars for food and household items. Mixology kits are available for borrowing, or you may purchase cocktail shaker sets for $20 apiece.

Real-world example: The Hotel Show hosted two separate mocktail contests as part of the entertainment for their corporate event. The first challenge was a traditional cocktail making competition with a time limit of three minutes. The goal was to determine who could create the drink of the best quality. The second task was a blind one, and it included opening a box that contained unknown items.

Make it your own:
Put your competition to the task of recreating the drink that your CEO enjoys the most. Or you may restrict their components to just those that share the colour scheme of their logo.

Seating arrangements for business events may be managed in a few minutes.

2. Your business event’s entertainment schedule might benefit greatly from the addition of a mindfulness meditation.

A mindfulness meditation is a guided meditation that lasts between ten and thirty minutes and takes place in a quiet space. Its purpose is to help participants centre themselves and relax.

This concept for providing entertainment at a business function requires nothing more than an activity leader and comfy seats. Guests will benefit greatly from having a competent yoga or meditation instructor guide them through the movement. You might also ask your host to play a pre-recorded meditation that was created using an app like HeadSpace. Use floor cushions, yoga mats, and blankets as sitting instead of chairs. Bring in some foldable chairs as an alternative, or choose a walking mindfulness meditation that will force your guests to remain standing throughout the session.

The addition of a mindfulness meditation to your business event’s entertainment schedule is a great idea.
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This option for providing entertainment at a business event does not have any associated costs if the session is guided by a volunteer or a free mindfulness meditation download. Request that participants bring their own yoga mats, blankets, or cushions with them to the event.

For instance, in the real world, visitors at the Hospitality Design Expo and Conference were invited to participate in a 15-minute morning meditation session before the start of the first session of the day. It was directed by a trained mindset coach who is a professional.

Modify it: If you believe your audience would be more interested in a light office yoga exercise or a positive affirmation journaling session, try substituting meditation with those activities instead.

3. Include live music from the local area on your list of entertainment options for cultural and business events.

Live music performed by local singers or instrumentalists is a fantastic concept for corporate event entertainment for event planners who want to familiarise visitors with the cultural traditions of the surrounding area. If you want to target the 46% of Google users who prioritise local events and services, tying your event to an area artist can help increase your brand’s local SEO. This is vital if you want to make sure that people know about your business.

This concept for a business event requires nothing more than a performance space and some musicians. They will often bring their own equipment, although they may want assistance throughout the setup process.

Fees for musicians may be anywhere from $50 to $100 per hour, with a two-hour minimum booking requirement. On average, these rates are in the range.

Exemplifying this in the real world, the East Mediterranean International Tourism & Travel Exhibition collaborates with local artists in order to provide its guests with an opportunity to learn about the culture of the area. They held a performance of Japanese Sou in 2019 and served Japanese delicacies beside it.

Personalise it: If your company is entering a new market, you should celebrate the culture of that nation by using music or any other art form that is distinctive to the location.

4. As part of the fun for your business event, consider hosting a rapid-fire challenge.

The contests known as “rapid-fire challenges” consist of mental or physical activities that may be completed in less than 10 minutes, such as quizzes or games. The activity might include anything from painting the corporate emblem to decorating a cake with the colours of the brand. Participants compete for rewards and the chance to boast about their accomplishments.

You will need a timer, at least one judge, and the necessary activity supplies for whatever swift challenge you decide to go with for the entertainment at your business event. You should get a volunteer to host the event and explain the rules, and you should use an app on your phone to keep track of the time.

Cost: If you utilise things you already have lying about the workplace, rapid-fire challenges like relay races and minute-to-win-it games may be played for little to no cost at all.

In the real world, one example is the annual rapid-fire food challenge that is hosted by the International Restaurant Conference. Up to this point, they have held contests based on the themes of meatless Monday, meatballs, appetisers, and cupcakes. The winners each received $1,000 in prize money and were featured in over one hundred of the participating media sites.

Make it your own:
Pick a problem that has some bearing on the line of work that you do. For instance, if your firm specialises in graphic design for Facebook advertising, you might issue a challenge to participants to create a topical banner for Facebook in less than five minutes.

5. Provide a humorous personality analysis workshop as part of the corporate event entertainment at a conference.

This is step five of our guide on how to create a checklist for event planning.
A workshop on personality analysis may make use of well-known instruments, such as the Myers-Briggs type indicator, to encourage self-reflection and more fruitful interactions with other people.

Make use of a cost-free online assessment instrument or a personality test that you may download. After that, you should go through the results with your participants and explain the significance of each outcome. Hold an open conversation on the difficulties of working in groups and how participants may utilise the findings of their work to enhance their communication with their fellow employees.

Cost: If you opt to print out the exams and offer writing utensils to fewer than 50 participants, the total cost of this concept for providing entertainment at a business event will be less than ten dollars. You might also suggest to the guests that they take the test online using the gadgets that they have brought with them.

In the real world, one of the events hosted by the Tourism Conference is a personality analysis event. The purpose of this event is to educate hoteliers on how they may improve their relationships with visitors by gaining a deeper knowledge of both themselves and the guests they serve. The most recent version of this event lasted for a total of two hours and was moderated by a person who has previously held the position of President of the Institute of Hospitality.

Personalise it by creating your own quiz on people’s personalities based on common professional or customer personas with whom you routinely engage. You may make it using free programmes like Outgrow or Interact, both of which let you to apply unique branding and colours to your finished product.

How do I go about booking entertainment for an event?

Before you can hire entertainment for an event, you need to first receive a price from the business or group that you wish to collaborate with. Check if the price of the bundle you choose is within your financial means at the moment. Inquire about available upgrades and add-ons, as well as cancellation restrictions and any additional hidden costs.

Next, check to see if any of your preferred dates are open and available. Make sure you inquire about the precise time periods that you want to hire them for, and don’t forget to do so. If the location of your event has a restricted amount of space, you should inquire about the amount of time required to set up and break down the activity. Using the provided information, you will be able to calculate the amount of time that will be devoted to the event entertainment on the primary event agenda.

After then, if you haven’t yet addressed any particular demands or needs, you should get in touch with customer care. Finally, make a reservation either over the phone or directly via the website of the event entertainment. Keep a copy of the confirmation that your purchase was placed, and inquire about the next stages. Send out an email today to formally introduce the individual who will be in charge of coordinating the event’s entertainment onsite.

How can one event be distinguished from others?

Choosing an unusual activity or putting a creative spin on something that people are already acquainted with is the most effective approach to distinguish an event from others like it. You might, for instance, give a cocktail reception a bespoke theme, include a trivia competition with prizes into your city tour, or even throw a VIP kickback with interesting guest speakers. All of these are possibilities.

Ideas for entertainment at business events and how to arrange them

When you adhere to these overarching principles, coming up with ideas for entertainment at corporate events is a breeze:

It is recommended that you schedule the entertainment for your event at least six months in advance. This not only affords you the chance to look around at other vendors and evaluate the rates they provide, but it also provides you with more time to publicise the event activity itself. On the other hand, if your event is less than three months away, you should phone and talk to someone personally rather than sending an email.
To minimise confusion and misunderstandings further down the road, make sure that any particular agreements on pricing or policy are put in writing. Send a brief email to the entertainment planner for the event as well as the rest of your event crew. Include specifics such as the date the agreement was reached as well as the terms of the deal.
Use certain key performance indicators to evaluate how well your event entertainment ideas are working. The most effective ones for this kind of event include involvement on social media via the use of a promoted hashtag, press coverage in either print or digital form, and post-event surveys of attendees.
Bring to life the imaginative entertainment ideas you have for business events.
It is time to start arranging your next gathering now that you are aware of at least five techniques to amuse and delight visitors at business gatherings. Make sure to arrange the activity layout for your corporate event using a 3D stage design tool, regardless of which of these ideas for corporate event entertainment you decide to use. Include a place for setting up entertainment and a stage, in addition to any applicable load-in pathways. You may ensure that everyone is on the same page by communicating your intentions to outside partners or to volunteers.

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