How to Plan the Best Festival

How to Plan the Best Festival
How to Plan the Best Festival

Despite the fact that we are living in uncertain times, music festivals have emerged as a major source of revenue in recent years, with an average of 32 million spectators each event in the United States alone. Festivals are an excellent choice as the sort of event for businesses that want to increase their visibility while also giving their target customers an unforgettable experience.

Using this basic guide, you can learn how to arrange the most enjoyable festival possible for your customers. Also, investigate innovative approaches to bring their idea to reality, create your own music festival check list, and educate yourself on essential extras like as catering.

The event you’ve always wanted, broken down into 11 easy steps

Use this simple music festival checklist and these helpful recommendations to put up a festival that will leave an impression on your customers.

1. In order to create the most successful festival possible, first establish some precise objectives with your customers and then choose the appropriate key performance indicators.

When you have your launch meeting with your customers, you should ask them the following questions to gain a clear image of their vision for the festival:

Which three music festivals, either past or current, come the closest to matching your notion of the perfect event? Which aspects of such celebrations do you like the most and would want to include into your own plan? Which aspects of those celebrations do you detest, and which would you want to avoid if possible?
When your guests leave the event, what are the top two things you want them to discuss with their friends the following day about their experience there?
What makes it more crucial for you and your business to put on a music festival as opposed to another kind of event? Why is it so much more necessary to get things done right now rather than later on in the future?
After that, hone down on the most effective key performance indicators (KPIs) for their ticket sales and guest experience objectives. Begin with one or more of the following key performance indicators (KPIs) for successful music festivals:

If the attendees of your music festival want to improve their search engine optimisation and digital clout, you should use social media involvement as one of your key performance indicators (KPIs).
Choose ticket sales as your primary key performance indicator (KPI) to assist customers in increasing their short-term and annual income.
You may help your customer reach their aim of building long-term client connections by making the number of total active community members a critical key performance indicator (KPI).
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2. Recognise the limitations imposed by the budget.

Find out where your client may spend more money or save money within their present budget without negatively impacting the quality of the event.

If this is their first time, it is recommended that they participate in single-day activities rather than complete festival weekends. Make reservations for up-and-coming musicians who have previously served as opening acts for higher priced performers on your client’s fantasy list. Instead of spending money on print materials or strategies using brand ambassadors, save marketing costs by doing smart ad testing and developing online communities.

Considering that the majority of music festivals remain in the same place throughout their life, it is important to make an investment in the ideal location in order to improve the experience of attendees and to position subsequent iterations of the event for success.

3. Create a timetable of the events that will take place throughout your festival.

Start making preparations at least six months in advance of the event. Obtain the big-picture things three to six months in advance, such as the festival’s objectives, theme, and performers. Confirm the particulars one to three months in advance, such as the caterers, permits, and additional activities. Wait until one month before the event to complete crucial but minor, one-off chores such as organising the parking and producing the festival map.

4. Ensure that you have the appropriate licence and insurance.

Conduct research on the criteria for obtaining a city permit, since there can be more than one for your area. In order to pick the appropriate licence for your business, it is important to find out if the facility in question is designated for retail, industrial or entertainment. Before purchasing event insurance, you should always discuss the matter with an attorney. For outdoor music festivals, it is a good idea to make plans to obtain insurance that will cover any problems that may arise due to the weather, as well as any accidents that may occur on-site to guests, employees, or artists.

5. Determine your target demographic in order to organise the most enjoyable event possible for them.

Ask your customers for any paperwork they may have regarding their primary target demographics, and obtain their perspective on who they think will attend this event by inquiring about who they think will be there. Conduct research on the current social media following of your company’s customers to develop a profile of the ideal festivalgoer. Construct your agenda around their most influential backers to increase the likelihood that members of their current network will participate.

Create a high-impact event marketing and ticket sales strategy.

6. how to create an event planning checklist.

Digital marketing should take precedence over traditional marketing since it is more efficient financially, simpler to assess, and more open to experimentation because of the availability of real-time feedback.

Then, modify your outreach plan such that it includes participation in online communities where the target audience already congregates, such as a subReddit page for a band that you are going to pitch. Or a more specialised blog that focuses on a passion that is shared by your readers. Check out how some band labels are using Pokemon Go in their music marketing to target Millennial concert-goers and to develop community before, during, and after their performances, for instance.

Utilise convenient software applications like Cvent Flex to simplify the process of festival registration. You may also utilise a service like Ticketstripe, Vendini, or Ticketfly to process payments, track the origin of your leads, and upsell attendees on luxury packages and VIP chances.

7. Locate the ideal location for the event.

Do some research on music festivals and other events of a similar kind

that have taken place in your region during the previous two years to find out which venues were most often used. Because they will likely favourably identify your event with others they’ve seen at the venue, your target audience may already be familiar with and enamoured of the location. This has the potential to influence their decision to purchase tickets for your event. Examine the Cvent Supplier Network for any venues that are currently available. In addition to that, you can utilise Kapow to find uncommon venues such as refurbished churches and roofs.

After that, schedule in-person visits of your top two or three potential places. Think on things like the price, the number of people the space can accommodate, its location, its design, and its floor plan. Take a lot of images for your own reference, and if the venue planner is accessible, ask them to walk you through the customary procedures that are followed at music festivals in this location. Before making your final decision, it is recommended that you use a tool such as Social Tables to map out your layout and evaluate several floor plans side by side. Additionally, think of parking opportunities for both employees and guests, in addition to load-in and load-out zones for each performer.

8. Seek for potential sponsors for the event.

Start with event sponsors that are already familiar to your clientele and with whom they have ties. Sending a cold email to companies that are already well-known and loved by your audience’s demographic with a pitch package that contains specific and high-value advantages they’ll get if they collaborate with your music festival is an effective strategy. Make use of well-known inducements like as sponsorships of certain bands, sponsorships of kickback or VIP lounge space, or sponsorships of merchandising booth space.

9. Recruit service providers and personnel for the event.

Find suppliers that are able to assist with directing parking, setting up and taking down the venue, providing venue security, running check-in, and staffing first aid stations. If your venue only provides one water station and restroom for every 100 females or one bathroom for every 250 males, plus no-gender and accessible alternatives, you might consider hiring additional service providers for these amenities.

Collaborate with a catering firm to provide attendees with mixed beverages and food during the whole of the event. Choose food trucks rather than cooking everything yourself if you want to take advantage of well-known local brands and have a pleasant picnic area to enjoy it all in.

You may incorporate laid-back activities like as pop up shops or funfair games for times when your audience needs a little break from the activity on the mainstage. You can also hire DJs to provide entertainment in the breaks between performers.

10. Consider renting some more audiovisual equipment.

If your venue doesn’t already have equipment, you should splurge on high-quality rentals to give spectators with a memorable musical experience that will wow them. Check with the firm that handles your equipment rentals to find out which pieces of gear they believe are necessary for the venue and for each band. You should ask the performers to supply a list of any extra equipment they need for the concert. You could discover that they are happy to bring the majority of their own gear and just want access to amplifiers on the day of the performance.

11. Make preparations for the venue’s decoration, lighting, and signs, as well as protection from the elements

Make use of the motif and design of the venue to take care of the majority of the decorating for you. Check with your bands to see what kind of design ideas they have in mind, and then collaborate with the lighting specialist at your venue to do a rehearsal with your bands well in advance of the performance.

In order to better guide foot circulation across multi-space venues, it is helpful to hang directional banners along the tops of doors and exits. Include the logos of your sponsors on the background of your stage, and make sure the names of your customers’ companies are shown on any tents, marquees, or billboards that are available. In the event that bad weather disrupts your event, you should have backup tent rentals and a backup plan for the layout.

 Keep your budget for the event festival to a minimum.

If you want to save money on your music festival, you should do away with offline promotion, employ unique locations, and make sure you hire a variety of lesser artists that compliment the sound of your headliner.

What is the average cost per person to attend a festival?

Even if it costs $114.6 million to put on a festival as large and lavish as Coachella, it is possible to throw a festival on nearly any budget as long as the following conditions are met: 1. collaborate with lesser-known but brilliant musicians; 2. schedule the festival during your favourite venue’s quiet season; and 3. provide premium upgrades that do not cost you any more money but significantly increase your earnings. Some examples of these upgrades include lounge access, speciality drink menus, and VIP parking.

Find out how you may save costs while attending a music event here.

These suggestions will help you save money when attending a music festival while also ensuring increased revenues and satisfied attendees:

Offer discounts to featured merchants in return for their support of your event.
When looking for lower venue discounts, weekday days right after a holiday or immediately after a three-day weekend are good candidates to consider.
To reduce costs associated with beverages, consider forming a partnership with a new or regional alcohol brand.
Put these inventive ideas for festival catering to the test!
In order to excite the attendees of a festival, creative catering ideas take something that is already well-known and add a distinctive component or presentation to it. Check out these creative ideas for providing food at music festivals that you can really implement:

Choose appetiser bits, finger snacks, and skewers with surprising meats (such as Coachella’s shredded crab over seasoned french fries) rather of entire meals to fit the regular hustle and bustle of a music festival. Coachella served shredded crab over seasoned french fries.
If you want to present guests with a variety of exciting alternatives while keeping costs down, you may set up food stations using inexpensive bases like baked potatoes or Greek yoghurt.
Pop-up food truck events, organised by neighbourhood eateries, are a fun way to foster a feeling of community while also providing a truly one-of-a-kind experience for tourists and locals alike.
To reduce the cost of your bartender services, consider offering champagne, beer, and lemonade slushies rather than mixed beverages.
Develop items for the menu that use vivid colour palettes that have an appeal for Instagram, such as burger buns coloured red or doughnut ice cream sandwiches coloured neon blue and dipped in rainbow cereal bits.
Organise the most successful festival in the history of the event by selecting the appropriate event agenda and caterers.
You now have the step-by-step approach that you may follow in order to prepare the most successful festival possible for your customers. Combine your newly acquired knowledge of festival costs and unique food ideas with some professional event agenda design suggestions and a failsafe approach to hiring an event caterer to create the whole package that is your music festival.

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