The Speed Mentoring Event 2022 IN UK

[DATE THU SEP 29 2022] LOCATION:Bravura Solutions (Level 5), 201 Bishopsgate,
 London, United Kingdom

Save the date for the speed mentoring event!

Speed Mentoring Event
Speed Mentoring Event

About Speed Mentoring Event

On September 29 at 6pm, Bravura Solutions will graciously host a combined in-person speed mentoring session for Women in Asset Servicing and Women in Platforms. Registration will begin at 5:30pm. Attendees will be able to network with influential figures in our field and have candid conversations about skills that are important to you. We have mentors from all around the financial services industry, and they’ll be covering hot subjects like breaking into sales, maximizing your online presence, and establishing your own unique voice

Speed Mentoring Event.

For what reason should we have rapid-fire mentoring?

If you’re looking to expand your horizons professionally and personally, speed mentoring is a great way to get advice from those farther along in their careers than you are and get insight into critical facets of your growth from those who know more than you do. We have heard what you have to say and agree that mentorship is a matter of discussion. The aim of the night is to encourage people to ask the tough questions they’ve been too nervous to address up until now.

Information on our mentors and the subjects they will cover will be posted here shortly, so check back often. When these specifics become available, we will also communicate them to you. To make the most of your time with the mentors and get the most out of the event, we will ask you to come up with a list of questions to ask them in advance.

We’ll be in contact again shortly to provide you more details about the event and introduce you to our hand-picked mentors.

I hope to run across you there.

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