The Ultimate Hotel Lobby Layout Guide For events

The Ultimate Hotel Lobby Layout Guide For events The design of a hotel lobby not only establishes a first impression, but also how the remainder of the establishment will seem and feel to visitors. The foyer of a hotel should be a welcoming, safe space where guests may feel immediately connected to your business. In order to help you find innovative methods to strategically enhance the effect of your lobby, we created this hotel lobby layout guide.

The Ultimate Hotel Lobby Layout Guide For events
The Ultimate Hotel Lobby Layout Guide For events

Let’s start with the fundamentals of hotel lobby design.

There are a few things that visitors anticipate from a hotel lobby design. An location for the front desk, a place to sit, and maybe one or more outlets for phones and laptops to be plugged in while waiting. However, you’ll need to create a hotel lobby that goes above and beyond if you want to wow today’s visitors.

There are many original arrangements for a hotel lobby. But first, start with these simple but crucial steps before you begin drawing your outline:

Take into account the intended usage. There is no such thing as a hotel lobby that is just used for check-in, in actuality. Hotels will also need to be more inventive with their entry areas as online check-in for visitors continues to grow in popularity in this age of digital revolution

Identify who will use it. When constructing your hotel’s lobby, it’s crucial to take into account the various sorts of visitors. Families can need more space for baggage. Couples may choose a romantic setting while they wait. Additionally, business travellers can use the WiFi or tables in your hotel lobby to fit in a little extra work.

Have a concise reason. Why is a distinctive lobby important to your specific hotel brand? What will visitors do in your lobby five years from now if check-in is totally digital? Answering these questions now can help you create a clear picture of how this design fits into your larger aspirations for the hotel, even if this may never materialise.

How to plan out a hotel lobby:

1. Create a plan of action.

A hotel may foster a feeling of community by designing a lobby that is both attractive and practical. It may improve the perception of the brand as a whole. Before you start planning, choose the top one or two ways you’ll use the hotel lobby layout to provide visitors a distinctive experience.

2. Keep scale in mind.

The average size of the lobby in hotels has shrunk along with the rise in room count. The total profitability of hotels has grown as a result of this trend, but there is less room available as a result. In light of this, pay attention to the furniture and décor items’ proportions while arranging them in the room. You may envision the layout of your hotel lobby with the aid of our market-leading diagramming tools, ensuring that you always understand how your selections will seem in relation to everything else in the space. In addition, we provide drag-and-drop components, photorealistic 3D rendering, and much more.

22 hotel lobby design ideas you must see

3. Establish zones.

No matter how much or how little space you have, creating zones that flow together may give your lobby the room it needs to fulfil its intended role. One lobby can provide all the amenities required by visitors by carefully placing the furnishings and equipment.

Besides being practical, constructing a room with distinct zones is immensely appealing to both visitors and the hotel’s bottom line. For instance, you may decide to designate a portion of your foyer as a co-working area. This would enable visitors to remain on-site while taking use of everything a rental office has to offer from the convenience of the lobby.

4. Think on the senses.

The distinction between a decent hotel lobby layout and a spectacular one is made through sensory experiences. Here’s how to master them all.


Smell and memory are both connected to emotions. The correct aroma may make the foyer seem welcoming and leave a lasting impact long after guests have left. And you may need to catch up if you aren’t already utilising fragrance to enhance your hotel lobby experience. A 2015 Bloomberg article states that hotels invest over $300 million yearly on aroma branding.

Uncertain about where to begin? Researchers discovered, as reported by Business News Daily, that simple smells are preferable over complicated ones, and that hotel marketers often choose aromas based on the feelings they want their visitors to experience. For instance, rosemary stimulates energy, eucalyptus produces refreshment, and lavender encourages tranquilly.


A hotel’s lighting design significantly affects how we feel. In the modern world, adequate work lighting is often insufficient to create a space’s desired flow or functionality.

For instance, you may utilise more ambient lighting to entice visitors to sit and relax if you want to establish a communal environment. Additionally, social sitting spaces encourage guests to linger out in your lobby, which might give the impression that your hotel is friendlier and more neighborhood-focused than others.

Color and clutter are other factors to take into account. Each has an impact on how we perceive our surroundings, both consciously and unconsciously.

Last but not least, the furniture you choose is essential to the lobby’s overall design. It has the power to create or destroy a zone’s or section’s success.

In general, you should pick lobby furniture that promotes interaction and gives visitors the freedom to rearrange it however they see fit. It’s crucial to remember that while a certain type of furniture might serve some purposes, it might not in others.


Another crucial element of the layout and design of a hotel lobby is a great playlist. To make the space as cosy as possible, the planning process should also take into account an overall sound system. For maximum comfort, the speakers should be evenly spaced out and not be overpowering in any one location. Set the mood by playing some hotel background music.


Table surfaces and fabrics should be fashionable but practical. Think about incorporating different textures into your furniture, cushions, and other furnishings. Additionally, wherever feasible, use materials that are simple to clean; otherwise, nobody will feel comfortable handling anything in your hotel lobby.


Refreshment kiosks are located in several hotel lobbies. Offering water with lemon slices and mint, at the very least, may make for a pleasant lobby experience. Ensure that your plan includes room for water dispensers, food sales, and side tables for placing cups.

Hotel lobby questions that are often asked:

Understanding your brand, your target market, and your property in-depth at the same time is essential when developing your hotel lobby layout. It’s a procedure that can need some trial and error. After everything is said and done, you could have a few distinct layout ideas that you can examine side by side with your team

The answers to these commonly asked questions can help you avoid typical hotel lobby layout blunders, despite the temptation to pin now and design later.

What function does a hotel lobby serve?

Your visitors should be greeted, checked in, and attended to in the hotel lobby. The demands of your visitors will be particular to your region, your hotel’s layout, your brand, and the kinds of clients you cater to. One important approach to provide all of the above is via the decor of your hotel lobby.

What ought to be in a hotel lobby?

A hotel lobby need to feature a desk for check-ins and customer service, a water station, a sitting space, and obvious signage, at the absolute least. Additionally, it should take into account the local climate (don’t put lounge chairs in the way of a door that opens to a cold arctic scene) and what you want your visitors to do in the lobby (don’t put a live jazz band next to all your laptop and phone outlets).

How should a hotel lobby be laid out?

When designing a hotel lobby, keep in mind how it will make guests feel and what it will entice them to do while they are there.

How should a lobby be laid out?

To plan the layout of your hotel lobby, use diagramming tools. Tools for layout and diagramming require precise measurements of the area and the items’ sizes. Additionally, they make it simple to work with your whole team to identify the finest solutions.

Create a successful hotel lobby layout right now!

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