Top 10 important thing to consider When Planning an event or party Festival

Every event has had problems. When Plan A doesn’t work out, planners must fall back on Plan B. But resist letting the tiny things bother you.

Do not worry about little errors since no event will be flawless. Just be aware that we may attempt to make it as close to ideal as feasible with a little forethought.

important thing to consider When Planning an event
important thing to consider When Planning an event

Here are 10 crucial factors to take into account while preparing an event, in order to ensure the success of your next gathering:

1. Big Tasks First

Don’t spend time initially attempting to arrange the lesser chores. Make sure you first arrange the date, the food, the entertainment, the venue’s size, and the location. The success of the event depends mostly on these duties.

The event itself causes them more concern than the napkins they’re using. Additionally, be sure to do a preliminary calendar check. Make sure the date you select is the one when most people can attend.

2.Create a Budget

You need to consider your budget before doing any of these chores. Any choice will always include some consideration of finances.

To avoid spending too much in one area and not enough in another, divide your expenditures into several groups. Maintain your budget as well.

Consider a lesser area if you can’t afford the larger one. The next best thing would be to locate a sponsor to pay the fees if you really need that much room.

Some venues even have special deals, and they will work with you to lower your expenses by setting up a mandatory minimum bar tab, etc.

3. The Location

One of the most crucial factors to take into account is the location. If your customers live too far from the venue of the event, it may not be worthwhile for them to make the trip. As a result, you risk losing some business if you don’t find a new location.

If the event isn’t going to go all day, it’s best if the venue has other activities available so that guests aren’t stranded in their hotel rooms while they wait.

To draw attendees, the venue must be appealing and convenient.

4. Which Form of Entertainment Should You Purchase?


What is the event’s topic and who is attending? Different forms of entertainment will appeal to and be received by various audiences.

For instance, topless male servers and a striptease display are ideal for a girls’ night out or hens party, but they are plainly inappropriate for other kinds of gatherings.

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Consider a DJ or musical guest if you want dancing to be included; otherwise, if it’s dinnertime entertainment, you have many possibilities.

Find speakers that will match your event’s subject whether it’s a presentation or exhibition. If you believe you have the abilities needed for your event, you can even handle it yourself!

You must also consider the kind of equipment each person you recruit will need. Spend some time examining the equipment’s dimensions and functionality in the area you have available.

5. Accessibility of WiFi

Nowadays, the Internet is a crucial tool for business. It’s handy to know if WiFi is available at the venue if the event requires the use of the Internet or an app.

Visitors may download the app and start using it right away, while presenters can utilise WiFi to deliver their lectures. A visitor can make international video calls to clients if they need to.

The WiFi password will inevitably be requested by someone since it is effective and crucial to the modern company model.

6. Staff and Volunteer Coordination

Your most valuable resource is this group of individuals. They are the ones that arrive to the event early to assist with setup and stay late to help take things down. They are your support group.

Ensure that these personnel have work to accomplish at all times for them to be productive throughout the crucial phases of your event’s planning.

It’s always a plus when your entertainment or venue has its own cleanup staff. However, you should always have a group of your employees on hand to assist. The personnel you engaged for the event will probably want to work with you again since it reflects well on you and your business.

7.Who Is Coming?

Who are you hoping will attend your event? Is this a private party or is everyone invited?

It’s crucial to advertise your event according to the correct audience. The public market may benefit by publishing fliers, sending invites, or announcing activities on social media. However, if you’re going private, it’s best to send out personalised invitations in the mail or privately on social media.

People prefer to feel special and that they are a member of an exclusive club, thus the private invitation should seem unique to the event’s theme.

8. Greetings

As previously said, it’s OK to assign responsibilities to other people; you don’t have to take on everything at once. Be friendly and approachable to the individuals you have engaged for the event, both you and your employees.

Although it could seem like a simple step, it is the most crucial one if you want to impress the businesses, visitors, and coworkers in your immediate vicinity.

Individuals will choose to work with lovely ones who are excited about the event than cranky or unenthusiastic people.

9. The Program 

A program me is a good, polished way to let other attendees know that your event is planned and on schedule.

Each presentation on the schedule having its own time slot produces results. It’s also convenient to have a schedule on hand so that visitors are aware of where to go next and how long each presentation will last.

It’s beneficial to have the alternatives presented in the software if many events are happening at once. Knowing they are in the right place at the right moment will make visitors pleased.

A floor plan on the program me, depending on the venue, can help guests find their way around the event if they get lost. Making the program me seem nice will help demonstrate how much thought was put into every aspect of the event!

10. Be calm.

Make sure you provide enough time for yourself to do your responsibilities. Don’t leave things to the last minute. You’ll only put more strain on yourself and fall into a rut you don’t want to be in.

Maintain your good time management, delegation, and, most importantly, enjoyment!

You should be well on your way to a highly successful event if you keep these ten suggestions in mind!

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