Transmutation To Abstraction The Exhibited Works of Art.

[Date Wed Sep 21 to Sep 23] Location:The Bedford, 77 Bedford Hill, London, United Kingdom

Alteration to Illusion Ana Tsifouti, a scientist and an artist, has created an exhibition that will feed your mind, body, and soul. Her existential recollections are fed into computer programs.

Transmutation To Abstraction
Transmutation To Abstraction

About Transmutation To Abstraction The Exhibited Works of Art.

One, the metamorphosis of experiences and narratives

Created from raw data, the artwork is then presented.

Three listeners have written narratives to go along with the pieces based on the emotions they experienced while listening. The point is to get the viewer to pause, reflect, and emotionally engage with the work so as to demonstrate the discrepancies between how humans perceive emotions and how they actually feel. When you look at a work of art, what do you feel or think, and why?

“Story 1:

I take it you don’t have any recollection. In that case, we obviously didn’t return home. Thereafter, we went somewhere else. More people, they snapped photographs, so we did, too.

I was dancing as they searched for you. Of course, you don’t recall any of it, do you? The times you made light of my accent or my fall resulted in my getting up and leaving the room.

I take it you don’t have any recollection. Just like you, I have no clue as to why I continue to exist.”

“Story 2:

Choral, with coral clippings.

Beef, carefully wrapped in paper, a birthday present during the war. A bit bloody, but otherwise neat, presentable, and audible. “Of course, lass!” Touched in a clean and orderly manner; humanity at its most basic and straightforward. Even in this pleasant, well-organized society, hormones still reign supreme and propel us ahead. You may say, “God knows, I’m sure,” but I know, since it’s in your veins and arteries. We have brought our cars and our spying eyes to this location.

Please, holy imago, bless our work. Talk to us despite all the destruction we’re causing. Our sensory neurons will light up with your touch, and you may use any part of our body as a weapon. Make us and forget our motives.


Two, the metamorphic process

Digital images (more than 3000) shot throughout the UK and Greece over the course of the past year are used to create the artwork. Typically, flowers are the subject matter photographed in the United Kingdom, whereas the sea, beaches, and local neighborhoods make up the bulk of the material photographed in Greece (Ana’s country of origin). Ana’s hometown is also included in the collection, with other shots of her striking different positions. She’s been trying to make sense of what’s happened in the last several years. Three, Photo Booth
People would gather in a designated picture location to have their likenesses registered into the systems. There may be a requirement for participants to assume transformation positions. Free digital artwork would be made available to anybody who requests it.


Ana Tsifouti, from Kavala, Greece, is an expert in imaging research and digital art. She now makes her home in the London area of the United Kingdom. Ana earned her Bachelor of Science in Imaging Science and her Doctor of Philosophy in Image Quality from London’s University of Westminster, where she studied the evaluation of security imaging systems for human use and the improvement of automated algorithms. While employed as a scientist for the UK government, she tried to build testing procedures for algorithms and human investigations (psychophysics) for use in police work. Ana has worked as one of the primary technical leaders at a startup and for two big technology businesses, where she mostly worked on Image Signal Processing Pipeline techniques.

Ana’s (Instagram: latest body of work is titled “Transformation to Abstraction.” She uses images and artificial intelligence to create surreal works. She has over fifteen years of expertise in the field of imaging, and that informs how she chooses the photographs to feed into the algorithms. She is trying out different approaches to the quality, subject matter, and mental processes of her photographs.

For her artistic endeavors, she relies on herself as a perceptual-emotional-system, drawing inspiration from her own life experiences (which she has memorialized via photographs), her own unique tastes and aesthetic, and the current stage of development in her cognitive and affective processes.

The purpose of this photo, taken of Ana in 2013 when she was in the midst of her PhD studies, was to catch her in the act of synthesizing and comprehending new material. This is the result of utilizing a lengthy exposure time to take the pictures. The selected poses convey challenges, effort, support, and development. It’s possible that someone else might have picked other stances.

Alex Paton will be providing live accompaniment for two ensemble improvisations and a duet this evening. In addition, spectators may take part in a brief interactive painting session.

Performers explore soundtracks and react structurally to the space and the audience, inviting the spontaneous, unplanned, and choreographed.

Taken from Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, the duet focuses on the moment of transformation between Dorian and the painting, symbolizing the transition between the known and the unknown.

Alex Paton’s compositions are included.

The Parisian city is home to Alex, a musician and composer. Alex, at the tender age of seven, decided he wanted to learn how to play an instrument after hearing the “Imperial March” in the Star Wars movies. Now he writes music for the stage, the screen, and the dance floor. The English National Ballet, Alvin Ailey (Dance), This Egg Theatre, Adverto films, Epheremal Ensemble, Fools Cap Theatre, and many more have all collaborated with him recently on various projects, and his scores have won several awards.

Alex draws inspiration for the tones, melodies, and rhythms from the activity and ambiance of the area. What he really wants is to strike a good action-reaction symmetry. Looking for the right times to follow the movers and other variations in the space, helping them with what they’re offering and giving them a musical (or soundscape) story to use as a base, while also knowing when to offer new musical energies and ideas to steer the movement and atmosphere in the room.

Vocals, an Irish bouzouki or electric guitar, a trumpet, a Ney from Turkey, a Quena from South America, and a Lo whistle from Ireland, plus several tiny percussion instruments, a Frame drum, and a melodica, are all options for the evening’s musical entertainment.

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