Unique Event Signage Ideas That Actually Work

Whether we realize it or not, signs play a crucial role in our daily lives. They instruct us on how to go to our destination, when to halt in traffic, what to look at, and other things. Choosing signs that stand out may be particularly challenging when there are so many around us all the time, particularly in the realm of meetings and events. These suggestions for event signage will help with that.

Unique Event Signage Ideas That Actually Work
Unique Event Signage Ideas That Actually Work

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of signs and, more particularly, how selecting the appropriate sign may significantly affect the outcome of an occasion, a company’s marketing, and other factors. Save this guide for your next significant event, then purchase impactful event signage.

What makes event signage so crucial?

We are very visual creatures. In actuality, the majority of the information that is sent to our brains—nearly 90%—is visual. Given how many adult customers think that what they see is what they receive, it’s critical to persuade them that the product or brand they are seeing is of a high caliber. Potential buyers’ initial impressions may also be greatly influenced by signs.

How ought I make use of event signage?

There are several uses for event signage. In addition to pointing visitors in the direction of a physical site, it may be used to promote a company, brand, or product.

Event signage, for instance, might be used to:

  • advertisements that sponsor
  • Showcase product details Promote brand awareness
  • Interact with event participants Show consumers where to go
  • Promote goods and occasions
  • Invite participants to distribute information through social media
  • The options are almost endless.

10 innovative ideas for event signage

We’ve included 10 various suggestions for event signs that are intended to have a favorable and long-lasting effect on event attendees. Examine these concepts to get ideas for your next event signage design.


  1. Marketing and brand managers might think about using marquee signs in their next event setting if they want to include magnificent event lighting into their signage. Light-up marquee letters may be used to promote almost anything since they come in a huge range of sizes and designs, from rustic to sleek and sophisticated.
  2. Rustic, useful, and personal custom wooden signage are available. Custom wooden signs are ideal for wedding venues, caterers, and other companies that provide event planning services since they are easily customisable and available in many shapes and sizes. Companies that provide products and services linked to outdoor leisure often use wood signage as well.
  3. Similar to wooden boards, chalkboard signs have grown in popularity among marketing directors and event coordinators over the last ten years. These interchangeable signage may be seen at wedding buffets, social gatherings, display booths at trade shows, and a number of other event venues. Chalkboards are a flexible alternative for event signage that is simple to modify and maintain. Since the advent of chalkboard markers, designs have been able to be more colorful and detailed than before.
  4. Making use of customized staff t-shirts is an easy, efficient approach to make workers walking billboards for a company or event. To assist the advertising stay in the minds of attendees, create an eye-catching image to bring attention to the clothing, add comedy, or include a snappy phrase on a limited-edition event t-shirt.
  5. Increase the visibility of your event setup by using inflatable signage. I’m sure everyone has seen the inflatable tube man outside of big retailers and car dealerships. They definitely make a point! Since they are considerably smaller when deflated, inflatable signs are very simple to move; just make sure you have an air pump on hand and request access to power to prevent hand-pumping inflated signage. At your next event, think about including a customized inflatable sign on stage for 3D advertising.
  6. When it comes to incorporating non-traditional event signs into a setting, art exhibits are highly distinctive, particularly during gatherings that draw people who value the arts. If your company will be exhibiting at music festivals, art walks, or other outdoor events, think about creating an installation. Use art displays to draw visitors to your booth, the event, or to draw their attention to a company’s advertising.
  7. At busy events like trade exhibitions and conferences, hanging banners and suspended signage may aid in increasing visibility. The number of corporate booths at these events is sometimes overwhelming, making it impossible for guests to see all of the various settings. You may direct visitors’ attention directly to your table by including a display that hangs from the ceiling. Before buying ceiling displays, make careful to confirm with the venue to learn more about their sign restrictions.
  8. Use digital signage to display text, graphics, and other facts at your next event. Digital displays are able to attract attention, show data, and convey crucial information to event participants using electronic screens. Even interactive digital displays that enable touchscreen interaction with brand promotion are the result of advances in event technology. Marketing managers may choose from a variety of digital sign designs depending on their goals and budget.
  9. In order to get a company included in all of the red carpet images, place an advertisement on the step and repeat background at an event. Step and repeat backgrounds often include recurring visuals, such symbols or logos, that are connected to the occasion and its sponsors.
  10. Graffiti, painted streets, and other forms of street art have become popular event marketing trends. Employ a well-known local artist to assist you in reaching customers via the power of creative expression, particularly during events targeted toward Millennials.

Questions and answers concerning event signage

How much does event signage cost?

Depending on the size, style, materials, and kind of event signs you want to make, the price might vary significantly. Simple banners may be purchased for as low as $40, but sign installation prices on average in 2020 varied from $165 to $710.

 What ideas do you have for homemade event signage?

Marketing managers on a tight budget could be looking for inexpensive event signs or considering producing their own event banners. Those brand managers who are gifted artists can design their own event signage, and the rest of us can use printable templates we can access from home. Think of inventive ways to incorporate excess materials into your event signage if you have piles of extra wood or other materials lying around.

How many signs should I have for my event?

The type of event and the amount of space you have to work with should help you decide how many event signs to include in your setup. At outdoor events, you might use several yard signs, a hanging banner, a table cover, or a sign on your tent as part of your setup. Attendees might consider placing more than a few signs in a smaller area—say, a 10 by 10 trade show booth design—excessive.

What stores sell event signage?

Users can create personalized event advertising through businesses like Vistaprint, Signs Now, and even Staples. By uploading created images (such as a company logo), selecting from pre-made templates, or creating your own, you can design banners, signs, posters, and more. Additionally, you can purchase event signage from Amazon and Etsy, among many other places. To focus your search, look for specific sign types or sign prices.

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