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[Friday, 13 January 2023] Location : USA

Korean American Day

Korean American Day, observed on January 13, commemorates the initial arrival of Korean immigrants to America and the Korean American community’s contributions to American culture and society. In the United States, there are approximately 1.8 million persons of Korean heritage, making Korean Americans the sixth biggest Asian-American demographic group. Their contributions to society as religious leaders, business entrepreneurs, military servicemen, artists, physicians, political officials, and a variety of other occupations are critical to America.

korean american day

BackgroundPresident George W. Bush established Korean American Day on January 13, 2003, the 100th anniversary of the arrival of the first Koreans in the United States in 1903. The commemoration was declared official by the United States Congress in 2005, and it has been celebrated annually since then Korean American Day.

History of Korean Americans in the United States

Koreans have been visiting the United States since 1882, when the two countries signed a peaceful treaty fostering friendship and commerce. Politicians and diplomats, merchants and scholars would frequently visit America, but none stayed long.

Then, in December 1902, 102 Korean immigrants boarded the SS Gaelic, bound for Honolulu, Hawaii. They landed in America a month later, on January 13, 1903, becoming the country’s first wave of Korean immigrants. Approximately 7,500 additional Korean immigrants arrived in the United States during the following two years and swiftly spread throughout the country, boosting the Korean American population.

Ever since their arrival, Korean Americans have made important contributions to the United States’ economy, society, and culture. They were extremely useful throughout the two World Wars, when they heroically served the United States.

During the Korean War, the alliance between the United States and South Korea spurred many Koreans to travel to America, and with the Naturalization Act of 1965, which made it easier for Asians to migrate to America, there was a significant increase in Korean immigration.

The United States has the second-biggest Korean population outside of Korea, while Los Angeles and New York have the greatest Korean American populations.

The Korean American community has been so useful and has given so much to their communities and the United States since their arrival that it is no surprise that they deserve a yearly celebration of all their accomplishments.

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