Upcoming Kwanzaa Festival 2023 .

Next  Monday, [26 December 2023]

Kwanzaa event . 

The week of Kwanzaa, which runs from December 26 to January 1, honors and celebrates African traditions and culture. Despite not being a holiday, because it falls the day after Christmas, businesses and schools are typically closed on its first day.

Kwanzaa festival 2023
Kwanzaa festival  2023


What is Kwanzaa festival ?

Dr. Maulana Karenga, who was a professor and the department head for Black Studies at California State University, established the Kwanzaa celebrations in 1966. The Watts Riots of 1965 alarmed Dr. Kaulana because he believed they drove a divide between the African-American populations. In response, he developed Kwanzaa in an effort to unite African-Americans by honouring and remembering the cultural traditions of their ancestors. Additionally, Dr. Kaulana used Kwanzaa to protest the materialism of Christmas, and African-Americans view this week as a time to celebrate life.

Origins and meaning of Kwanzaa Festival  .

The name is derived from the Swahili expression “matunda ya Kwanza,” which means “first fruits.” This is so because Dr. Karenga studied other harvest festivals in African culture before founding the US group, and Kwanzaa was developed as a synthesis of various elements of these celebrations.

Every family celebrates Kwanzaa in a different way, but most festivities are colourful affairs that include singing, dancing, storytelling, and substantial meals made with ingredients from several African nations.  Every household has its own Kinara, a candle holder with seven candles, according to tradition. Each light symbolises one of the seven African cultural ideals that Dr. Kaulana felt were appropriate for the African-American community to commemorate this week. This week, light one of the candles each night before talking about the idea that candle represents.


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