Vizcaya Village Farmers Market – FREE 2023

[MULTIPLE DATES]Location: Vizcaya Village 3250 South Miami Avenue Miami FL 33129 United States

Taste the artistry of local vendors as you explore Vizcaya’s historic farm and village.

Vizcaya Village Farmers Market
Vizcaya Village Farmers Market

About this Vizcaya Village Farmers Market 2023

July Update

This month, our Sunday farmers market is going further into Vizcaya Village. Market sellers will shift between the Staff Residences building and the Farm Quad in Vizcaya Village until August 21, 2022 to make room for early voting to take place in the Historic Garage.

See the video for additional details.

To get information about deals, the market, and more, register here.

The Vizcaya Village Farmers Market is glad to have you. Every Sunday at 9:00 a.m., the Vizcaya Village has a market. to 2:00 p.m. The address of The Vizcaya Village is 3250 S. Avenue Miami Miami, Florida 33129

As you tour the ancient farm and town of Vizcaya, sample the local artisans’ creations. Learn about freshly prepared foods, handmade items, fruits, veggies, baked goods, vegan products, and more.

This session is held regardless of weather; for more on accessibility, go here.

ACCESSING THE VILLAGE | The gate at SW 32nd Road will be locked until further notice while we work to restore Vizcaya Village for the benefit of our community. Please enter the parking lot from the S side in order to go to the Village’s farmers market. Avenue Miami

Important note: Free entrance to the Main House and formal gardens on the east side of the estate is not included with Farmers Market access. Vizcaya Village is located at 3250 S. Avenue Miami Miami, Florida 33129


A guided tour of Vizcaya Village is available while you buy, and it will teach you some local history. A few places of the Village will be shown to visitors so they may talk about the layout and purposes of the rooms, as well as the people who lived and worked there 100 years ago, as well as the Vizcaya Village’s present and future. These trips start at 11:00 a.m. and last 30 minutes. each Sunday at the market. Members get free access to the tour! Choose a day, click “Tickets,” then scroll down to “Add-ons” to register.

FREE | Farmers Market in Vizcaya Village


Would you want to become a vendor? Kindly complete the online application. Have inquiries? Write to us at

We appreciate your interest and hope to meet you in Vizcaya soon.


Can my pet or dog come with me?

Dogs on leashes who behave themselves are welcome at the market.

The market is it FREE? Why do I need to register?

Yes, the market is free and accessible to everyone. We urge everyone to register online so we can keep track of attendance for the purpose of social exclusion. By signing up, you can also get market information like updated vendor listings, exclusive deals, and price reductions.

What products does the market offer?

Visit the Vizcaya Village Farmers Market to find a wide selection of regional, artisanal sellers all in one location. Additionally, you get the unique chance to free of charge tour Vizcaya Village. The Village, which was constructed between 1914 and 1916, is presently exclusively accessible to the public on market days.

Is admission to the grounds and Main House free?

No, market access does not include access to the Main House and gardens on the east side of the property. For access to this area of the estate, admission to the museum is required. Online ticket booking is available.

I am a member of Vizcaya. Do I get a savings?

Yes, Vizcaya members get 10% off on market purchases. Simply provide your member ID.

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