Wine Tasting

DateSeptember 2Location:1590 Lexington Ave:1590 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10029 United States

Free wine tasting by Rosenthal Wine Merchant at 1590 Lexington Avenue (entrance on Northwest side of 101st Street).
Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting

About this Wine Tasting

Starting at 2:00 PM and continuing until the last drop of the final bottle, three to four bottles of wine will be tasted. Come participate in Open Streets with Uptown Grand Central and enjoy both family-friendly and adult-oriented events! Free event, however feel free to purchase any bottles that catch your attention.:)

A lot of people have questions

I arrived at the place, but where is the door?

Our retail entrance is on the north side of East 101st between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue since our business shares its address with four other buildings (get it together, New York!). If you’re unsure, phone us!

Can I attend more than one free tasting?

YES! We cherish our regular tasters. Wine tastings are for entertainment and to discover your preferences. The better, the more often.

What foods do you provide during tastings?

During the tasting, we present three to four wines. One white wine, one rosé wine, one red wine, and on occasion a fourth wine that is unspecified will be served. These wines will all cost roughly $25 each and may be bought at the shop where the tasting is held.

Will you be sampling while seated?

Nope! Very relaxed; we prefer that most/all people not be seated to make wine pouring and discussion easier.

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