27 Creative Ice Cream Catering Ideas for Events

27 Creative Ice Cream Catering Ideas for Events
27 Creative Ice Cream Catering Ideas for Events

We have a lot of ideas for ice cream catering that may help you organise something that is both serious and enjoyable, so whether you are holding an employee appreciation event or the introduction of a new product, check them out. In this section, we will discuss important topics such as budgeting, as well as the majority of the most important parts of events with an ice-cream theme.

How much would it cost to have ice cream for everyone at the party?

Before you can even begin to organise your event, you must first examine how each possibility will interact with your financial constraints. The ability to do one’s own catering not only saves money but also gives one full creative control over the event. On the other hand, visitors who are familiar with and enthusiastic about the flavours that you have selected will find that professional ice cream catering from well-known companies is both easy and thrilling.

Regardless of the option you choose with, the following is a look at the ice cream party catering business from a more in-depth perspective:

How much does it cost to produce homemade ice cream catering?

A gallon of ice cream can often be purchased for between $5 and $7 at most grocery shops, and it can provide enough food for up to 16 people (assuming each person receives one cup in total). In addition, you will need scooping tools (which cost around $3 each), bowls and/or cones (which cost approximately $4 for 12 at most bulk shops), and spoons (use disposable ones so that clean up may be completed more quickly).

For an event with fifty attendees, you may anticipate spending around sixty dollars, give or take a few dollars depending on the amount of sales tax and the quality of the instruments you choose. Additional toppings and any and all other necessities for the occasion will, of course, come at an additional expense.

How much does it cost to have Cold Stone cater an event?

According to the catering brochure for Cold Stone, the popular ice cream business provides pre-made ice cream pans at a price of $100 apiece. apiece pan has the capacity to hold 30 medium servings. Additionally, they provide tailor-made cakes, toppings, and flavours. In order to get an accurate quote for your event, you will need to give us a call to discuss the many customization choices that are available to you.

How much does Ben & Jerry’s charge for its catering services?

As of the time this blog article was written, Ben & Jerry’s catering menu provides ice cream catering for a minimum of 50 people for as low as $3.50 per serving for a cup and cone party. There is an additional fee for delivery, and you will need to place your order at the Ben & Jerry’s scoop store that is closest to you.

Catering ice cream could be made easier by providing comfortable seats.
Begin Without Cost Today
Explore the most innovative concepts for ice cream catering here.
Examine the organisational aspects of the ice cream event.
Because of its propensity to melt so rapidly, working with ice cream might prove to be a problem at times. The following are some ice cream event logistics that will guarantee that your day runs according to plan.

1. Ice cream balls that have been pre-scooped.

This tried-and-true method may help you shave off precious minutes on the big day. Put the scoops somewhere where they may be protected from the elements, such as on covered trays. For best freshness, serve within a week after scooping the ice cream.

2. Purchase more ice buckets and freezer bags and have them on hand.

Have you ever been curious about the best way to keep ice cream cold during a party? This is the most straightforward option.

3. Look for locations that have a big freezer that is also in a handy location.

Think about the layout of your catering station and how far servers or guests will have to go to get their delicacies once they’ve been served out. The ideal freezers for ice cream events are those that load from the top and are devoted only to the event in question. This ensures that no off-putting flavours from other goods in the freezer will seep into your ice cream.

Investigate potential themes for ice cream events.
The use of ice cream as a motif in events and gatherings makes for a more enjoyable experience. Find out some ideas for entertaining ice cream themes that you may apply.

4. Here’s what you need to know.

Use this punny party theme to commemorate significant events that have occurred inside the firm, such as the accomplishment of quarterly goals, a retirement, or even the opening of a new location.

5. Seasonal inspiration.

Get into unusual flavours that are associated with the season (like cranberry for autumn or lavender for spring), and then follow suit with the colours and design of your event.

6. A traditional ice cream shop with a retro vibe.

As a decoration, you may make use of some pastel balloons, striped awnings or tablecloths, and an old-fashioned shopping cart.

Explore a variety of ice cream menu options.
On the menu for ice cream, you may find a wide variety of flavours, some flavours in just particular colours, and even only the classic Neapolitan variety. Find some inspiration for reducing the number of items on your menu in order to offer a more personalised experience.

7. Make-Your-Own Sundae Bar.

You won’t need a complete team of waiters if you go with this choice; all you’ll need is one or two buffet attendants to keep things going smoothly with minimum oversight. This makes it a delightful option for both your visitors and your wallet.

8. Somewhere Beyond the Rainbow.

For an event that will be highly colourful and perfect for Instagram, consider arranging a selection of ice cream flavours that are, you got it, the colours of the rainbow.

9. Company Pride.

You may name flavours after the mascot of your firm or the CEO. And make sure the colours of the event, the ice cream, and the utensils all reflect the brand.

Explore some ice cream delights that don’t need any scooping on your part.
Are you concerned that your arm may tyre out? Check out some suggestions for ice cream delights that won’t need you to fill a lot of cones with the scooping action.

10. Milkshakes and floats of various flavours.

This might potentially be done as a do-it-yourself bar project. Simply ensure that you have a server that is solely devoted to the operation of each and every blender that you decide to run.

11. Cake balls and pops.

This may be purchased ready-made in flavours reminiscent to ice cream, such as banana split.

12. Ice cream sandwiches cut into bite-sized pieces.

Cut small ice cream sandwiches in half lengthwise, set each half on a serving stick or fork, and then dip one side of each mini sandwich in sprinkles for a quick and easy dessert.

If you have dietary limitations, look into other ice cream options.
Concerned about accommodating guests who have food allergies or restrictions? They won’t have to miss out on all of the ice cream pleasure, so don’t be concerned about that.

13. Ice creams that do not include dairy.

The day of, if necessary, you may pick up any of a broad selection of brands that are offered at local grocery shops. These brands include bases such as soy milk and coconut milk as their foundations.

14.Sorbets come in at number

If you give yourself enough time in advance, you should be able to prepare this straightforward vegan strawberry sorbet.

15. Baked goods.

Cookies in the form of ice cream cones would look fantastic arranged next to your buffet. In addition to that, you can complete the look by decorating them with edible logos that are formed from icing.

concerns with ethics in the event business points
Discover some delicious ice cream party meal ideas.
Here are some suggestions for ice cream-themed party foods that you may serve with your dessert.

16. Snacks high in salt.

Your sweet delicacies will taste much better with a salty and crunchy accompaniment like chips or pretzels.

17. Food available at the fair.

Ice cream goes well with a variety of foods, including popcorn, hotdogs, and even apple pie.

18. BBQ.

Ice cream is a delicious treat at any time of the year. But it really comes into its own during the warm summer months, exactly like this popular category of cuisine served at catered events.

Find decorations for ice cream catering here.
Do you want to create an impression not only with your taste, but also with your appearance? The following is a guide on how to make your caterer stand out with beautiful ice cream decorations.

19. Banners made of pom poms in the shape of ice cream cones.

When you add a folded brown paper cone to the bottom of a paper or big felt pom pom, it gives the impression that the object is an ice cream cone.

20. ice cream letters that you can paint yourself.

These lovely décor pieces may be used to spell out the name of your firm.

21. centrepieces in the form of ice cream cones.

Insert extra-large waffle cones into clear glass hurricanes, and then fill those hurricanes with flowers whose colours and décor are a good complement for your celebration. The flowers of carnations, which are shaped like balls and have a ball-like appearance, resemble colourful little ice cream scoops.

Explore the many games and activities that are available for ice cream catering.
Don’t let the party die down! Using these simple suggestions, you can turn your ice cream catering business into a fun game.

22. Place the cherry on the sundae with the pin.

Using construction paper and a few basic craft supplies, you can quickly and simply build this by hand. Before your participants attempt their hand at pinning the cherry to the sundae, blindfold and spin them, and then award the victors with an additional scoop of ice cream.

23. Create your own ice cream cone flower container by painting it.

This entertaining project that doubles as a party favour is sure to be a hit with both adults and children.

24. You have to guess the taste.

Blindfolded candidates should be given one traditional flavour, one strange flavour, and one wildcard flavour in miniature serving spoons so that their taste buds may be evaluated.

New Concepts for Caterers: A Cheat Sheet
Check out the contests for ice cream events.
A little healthy competition is the surest sign that a good time is going to be had by everybody. Here are some suggestions for turning up the heat while maintaining the temperature of the ice cream.

25. a competition for recipes of homemade ice cream.

Host three distinct contests: one each for ice cream and frozen yoghurt recipes, as well as those for homemade syrup recipes.

26. The decoration of an ice cream cake.

Grab some basic bases, set out a variety of colourful icings and decorating utensils, and give them twenty minutes to come up with something amazing.

27. A contest to see who can consume the most ice cream sundaes.

If you want to conduct your own ice cream challenge, here is an in-depth guide that will cover all you need to know to do so, including how to promote the event and ensure participants’ safety.

Make your next event or meeting one to remember with delicious ice cream catering!
Then, if you’re looking for additional ideas, have a look at these trends in designing corporate events. And make sure everything is set up correctly for your ice cream catering by using Social Tables’ simple diagramming tool.

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